4:41 PM

Let’s not forget the real victims here- those poor people who got their feelings hurt by being called out on being complicit in this monsters actions.

4:27 PM

Oof. The comment about the texts. It’s vague and there’s no context, but it makes me think of all the apology texts I’ve sent to people who have abused me. I wasn’t sorry, I was really just desperate to rework an experience that happened to me so I wouldn’t have to accept I was a victim. It’s not hard to imagine that Read more

2:21 PM

That is beyond inspirational. Its so hard to just plow on through in being direct with some weasel whose trying to talk down to you and put you in a place where you cant respond. To not hesitate and to snap back without trying to be “nice” about it. Read more

1:49 PM

This person is a monster. However, my local ice cream truck driver is also a monster- not for playing jingles but because the jingles always happen to be Christmas music. Its confusing and infuriating because it’s July and you’re selling ice cream not fucking figgy pudding.

4:20 PM

I’m demanding a clean cut Michael Cera for the role of Jared Kushner in the inevitable lifetime TV series.

2:28 PM

Perfect image. The swelling theme from Swan Lake filled my head imagining that.

3:20 PM

Maybe the gum they like is coming back in style? Idk, my guess is that they are coming from the Black Lodge.

5:32 PM

She was supposed to be an older teen but, because I am way too into trivia about this movie, I do know that Jennifer Grey was like 27 when it was filmed. So you’re not wrong.

4:57 PM

That’s my main question, will a made for tv movie allow a subplot where an abortion actually happens? My guess is that they will drop it completely or very predictably have miscarriage of convenience that absolves her of ever being able to make a choice.

5:04 PM

Oof, this is tricky. It’s likely that Chappelle was making funny and subversive comments. That it was punching up towards abusers, not down on victims. But here’s the thing that makes me relate a little to the woman who got upset. Seeing a room full of people, many men, laughing at rape jokes (even intelligent rape Read more

3:09 PM

Fucking Huntington Beach! What a surprise that the same place that gave us the great bro riots of 2014 is also giving us this garbage. If you ever want to feel like you’re in hell yet somehow also near some beautiful beachfront hit up the main drag of HB on any given weekend and find a nice bench to weep on.

3:32 PM

I get you. I don’t have kids and so I try not to judge. I work in a restaurant and I’m always a little freaked by seeing young, young children fixated on screens while their parents eat. Usually parents are doing the same, tho. I hardly think technology is evil, but it is affecting how people interact. That shift is Read more

3:59 AM

Bradley Witford is getting unfairly hot with age. Seriously, how dare he.

11:46 PM

She looks like she just watched Get Out, misunderstood the whole plot and is really excited about the potential medical and scientific advancements it imagines!

9:50 AM

Ok as a woman with a kooky aunt with a Victorian house in Salem, ma and several experiences of weird street harassment in pretty much all up and down the east coast I would confirm plenty of creeps. By gut feeling alone I call this story plausible.

1:27 PM

Not to condone violence, but the senate floor has seen it before. I wish colonel wright had brought a cane with her.

1:59 PM

If there is any “roasting” at Trumps event if will only be light jests directed at his wife (but def not Ivanka) and maybe advisors he wants to show displeasure towards, probably Ted Cruz and Jeb too. Any jokes directed at the prez will be be about how he’s almost too virile and that his hands are much too large.