McCoy's Mistress
Sep 7 2018

Pompeo has motive to frame Pence, get him removed and take his place, then wait for impeachment. Previous descriptions of Pompeo’s organizational ability would make that sound unlikely, but maybe he’s all strategic like that. This Bremberg cat may have done it on behalf of a co-conspirator like Pompeo.

Sep 7 2018

God, remember when the president took a physical,  which resulted in oddly good remarks, and that physician was essentially offered a promotion?

Aug 30 2018

Sessions will be gone no later than after midterms (my money is on Trump being unable to control himself and firing Sessions via Twitter in the middle of a Manafort-pardoning orgasm sometime in the next month). Trump will be without a replacement AG selection for several weeks because the first four people he Read more

Aug 2 2018

Did any of them retract their statements? It’s more that the press stopped reporting on it because...he wasn’t a Senator anymore. Read more

Jul 6 2018

Probably adopt the lighter skinned kids to upstanding white families in the US and the darker skinned kids into shitty foster and group homes, then complain that those brown skinned kids grew up to be criminals, as we all know those brown skinned folks are.

Jul 5 2018

Also the Trump chineck. I know Ivanka had plastic surgery as a teenager, so it’s not as bad as it could have been, but her whole face and neck still look like they’re melting and losing defining features.

Jul 4 2018

Yet another mark for Bringing the Eighties Back, a senile President with an ever loosening grip on reality.

Jul 4 2018

Does he want to bring the 80s back or does the sundowning pudknob think they’re still happening?

Jun 27 2018

Game over. Conservatives won. First they’ll come for roe and then they’ll come for gay rights. 

Jun 26 2018

He just turned 72. A 72-year old man who’s never exercised in his life and eats lots of fast food.

Jun 26 2018

He’s not going to run, can NYC media types stop trying to will this into existence?

Jun 9 2018

Basically this, except the US and Germany traded sides and Russia is the instigator this time.

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Jun 9 2018

I was just saying this to my husband - what a stupid fucking world war it would be. It would be a straight up repeat of WWII in a lot of ways - because one side will driven very specifically by the egos of fascists and fascist-wannabes.

Jun 9 2018

I hate Trump and have a consistent rage-boil about him, but the anger I feel toward his enablers - particularly those in Congress - is an anger I don’t think I’ve ever felt before... I don’t think I knew it was possible to be as angry as I am at the GOP Congress.

Jun 9 2018

That meeting should be fun. One of them is a megalomaniacal, fat ass dictator who doesn’t listen to his advisors, and the other is the leader of North Korea.

Jun 9 2018

What a great warm-up act for someone who is undoubtedly on his way to Singapore to get us into a nuclear war with North Korea.