McCoy's Mistress
4/16/18 11:30AM

Fuck no he wasn’t. That was unprecedented, and he didn’t run it by Sally Yates, who was effectively his boss at the time (as Lynch was recused).

3/27/18 4:13PM

I wanna put in a plug for SleepTown, too, which starts building a building and destroys it if you pick it up and use your phone when you’re supposed to be in bed. It’s not quite as user-friendly or strong as Forest, which is the company’s other app for use during the day. Forest has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with reading Read more

3/15/18 12:31PM

I don’t think you’re wrong here. I have had the same thought, esp with regard to Trump, but really with all of the GOP - they’re never doing what’s in our best interest and we’re all stuck dealing with their whims!

3/15/18 12:30PM

Right with you. Solid Dem, Hillary primary voter, etc. etc., and this is ludicrous. I worked on Wall Street. Why the fuck do these people think they can be trusted again? What is wrong with them?

3/05/18 1:19PM

She also does yoga. She seems really healthy to me. Never been skinny but who cares.

12/07/17 9:56AM

I almost think she asked for the recount out of total shock. I did not vote for Mary, but I felt a twinge of sympathy for her when she lost by the EXACT same margin as she did last time. She must have been bowled over.

11/20/17 6:06PM

No prob, friend! You may like the book I linked as well. I have a copy of HS and am glad to know you found it fascinating!

11/20/17 10:17AM

Helter Skelter? I linked to a biography of Manson that was published in 2013. It’s fantastic!

11/20/17 9:50AM

That’s what freaks me out - how many other politicians have done shit like this? I mean, at least the Dems have more women (I think), so we’ll be able to hang on to them.

11/20/17 8:54AM

FYI - this book is great. It’s not just a true crime story. Also has important historical context for the Manson family saga.