McCoy's Mistress

Christopher Wray would be the best case scenario  Read more

Fuck no he wasn’t. That was unprecedented, and he didn’t run it by Sally Yates, who was effectively his boss at the time (as Lynch was recused). Read more

I wanna put in a plug for SleepTown, too, which starts building a building and destroys it if you pick it up and use your phone when you’re supposed to be in bed. It’s not quite as user-friendly or strong as Forest, which is the company’s other app for use during the day. Forest has helped me TREMENDOUSLY with reading Read more

I don’t think you’re wrong here. I have had the same thought, esp with regard to Trump, but really with all of the GOP - they’re never doing what’s in our best interest and we’re all stuck dealing with their whims! Read more

Right with you. Solid Dem, Hillary primary voter, etc. etc., and this is ludicrous. I worked on Wall Street. Why the fuck do these people think they can be trusted again? What is wrong with them? Read more

She also does yoga. She seems really healthy to me. Never been skinny but who cares. Read more

I almost think she asked for the recount out of total shock. I did not vote for Mary, but I felt a twinge of sympathy for her when she lost by the EXACT same margin as she did last time. She must have been bowled over. Read more

That’s what I do. No way around it. Read more

She’s always fantastic. We watch 46 every day at my house! Read more

The drunk part was pretty obvious to us viewers! ;) Read more

No prob, friend! You may like the book I linked as well. I have a copy of HS and am glad to know you found it fascinating! Read more

But not Bill Clinton, who we’ll talk about forever and ever. Read more

Helter Skelter? I linked to a biography of Manson that was published in 2013. It’s fantastic! Read more

That’s what freaks me out - how many other politicians have done shit like this? I mean, at least the Dems have more women (I think), so we’ll be able to hang on to them. Read more

FYI - this book is great. It’s not just a true crime story. Also has important historical context for the Manson family saga. Read more