Thursday 4:20AM

“Stopped making” blames the designers, when in reality consumers and marketers are at fault

Thursday 1:41AM

We didn’t stop making wagons. Americans stopped buying them. As an example, 3/4 of all the 3 series sold in Italy are wagons.

Wednesday 9:44PM

I’m a recovering opiate addict. In 2017 I was arrested when I was caught doctor shopping. Wasn’t a flight risk as I was single, and the only family I have are my 3 brothers who live together. I’ve lived at the same place for 18 yrs. No prior convictions. 1 previous arrest 10 yrs prior that was tossed out. My bond, Read more

Wednesday 8:00PM

Things like cloud-based navigation,”

Wednesday 4:17PM

I knew it wouldn’t be long before this movie got criticized for not being all things to all people. I’m glad it happened before it was even released.

Wednesday 3:45PM

Why stop there? What about Green-Eyed-Afro-Latinx-Queer-Furry-Left-Handed-Cleft-Palate-Mole-On-The-Ass-Little-People representation? Read more

Wednesday 3:01PM

I have driven one, and the problem with the cars is that there literally is nothing about them that is seriously worth owning other than some nostalgia for a movie that - people seem to forget - was produced well after the DeLorean company folded and many DeLoreans even new were languishing at dealers with significant Read more

Wednesday 2:55PM

The engine cover makes it awkward for my constant plywood shopping, would not buy. 

Wednesday 1:21PM

They think the world is a prison and they are the prison guards.

Wednesday 1:17PM

The highway patrol don’t work for YOU. They work for the state’s highway department, a termless bureaucracy with no elected members, usually under a leader who is themself a former cop. As opposed to state and local police, who theoretically answer to an elected official if you go high enough, there is essentially no Read more

Wednesday 1:11PM

This is what it all boils down to. Many, if not most of the police out there (state police especially) are on a power trip. They know that if they get pissed off at you, they can ruin your life with one stroke of the pen, and even kill you...and they WILL get off. Black lives matter, white lives matter, the poor Read more

Wednesday 12:10PM

That second plan wouldn’t really work since a) california and b) I’m sure that the terns would have no problem at all with shotguns going off

Tuesday 7:16PM

You know what they say - there’s nothing quite as inconspicuous as a conspicuous car. 

Tuesday 2:59PM

If (and only if) it’s cheap enough one of those driving experience places can buy it and rent it out by the day. Read more