Exercise is a huge part. Walking isn’t really an alternative unless distances are very short. Cycling is typically at least 4x faster over a similar distance. So a 15 minute bike ride is hour walk. A lot of people are fine with a 30 minute bike ride but aren’t about to walk 2 hours each way. Read more

Showers were my biggest need until I moved to Texas. Then I simply had to decide that my life is worth more than the few grand I would save by not driving. Read more

Methinks it’s the GIANT FRIGGIN TRUCKS everywhere driving without signaling, stopping or giving way. Nothing like “sharing the road” with armed drivers in 2 ton vehicles.
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How about some Kraft Mack and Seize... Read more

Hey man, if their lives don’t improve under the 4 years of trump, they blame the democrats lol. Read more

Wanna bet he was also married and cheating on his wife? I bet she’s really thrilled. Read more

You think they’re going to Charger for improperly storing a dangerous fuel in her vehicle? Read more

Smokers sense of smell isn’t the greatest. I imagine if they could actually smell themselves they wouldn’t be smokers. 🤣
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What the actual fuck was this person thinking? If they were unaware of the propane tank in the back, what the actual fuck was the person who left it there thinking? Read more

Yes, I used the wrong word, then fixed it.  Read more

And that is bad, because...?
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If we did that, the southern half of the country would float away. I saw a documentary on this subject one Saturday morning.  Read more

Extremely rich man criticized for half-heartedly running an international racing team to promote his vanity-project boutique car company for other extremely rich men.

I heat up my own meatloaf. And I have had many conversations with Spinelli. He’s a good guy. Read more

IMO, as much as police hate accountability and reform, it’s also one of the biggest killers of recruitment, because people who would want to be police officers don’t want to have anything to do with departments that are violent and corrupt. Read more

Saying the police are refusing to catch criminals because they’re mad that folks don’t want the police to kill people probably isn’t the move, chief. Read more

OPD’s budget is up 18% since 2019, SJPD’s budget is up 18%, and SFPD’s budget is up 4.4%, but yeah, “defund the police DURRRR” and all Read more

I was hoping to make it another 1-2 years before doing the same with my 2010. Except I’m not anymore because my drunk of a neighbor who has no license, no insurance, and no money decided to crash into my car while it was street parked in front of my house and total it. The wife and I are trying to figure out how to Read more

How would it be a 6x6 with two axles? Read more