Krisha Rhee
Mar 8

I read chemical engineering news regularly and chemicals in common products are found to be toxic regularly. Your trust in chemists working for companies trying to sell you new stuff constantly is astounding & probably unwarranted. I think using the simplest solution when appropriate is best rather than waiting to Read more

Oct 28

I must be a screaming Socialist - I have three shelves of Penzey’s spices and herbs. And blends... 

Jun 1

YES. All that white- there’s something very, very gross about the imagery. And the glasses in her video that you don’t see her wearing in other images... instead of spending all your energy trying to construct a perfect scene and narrative, maybe you could have not dumped your kid?

Apr 15

So my favorite company Universal Standard did something similar. They offered free t-shirts to health care workers. Their t-shirts are AMAZING, btw. Anyway, I think the demand far outweighed what they had, and since they are not owned my multimillionaires, or so I think, they created a program on their site Buy One, Read more

Feb 14 2020

Off/on boyfriend who was a toxic mess of a partner. About 2wks prior to Valentine’s Day we were “on again” with his, and I quote, “We should give this falling in love thing another try”. Meant in a way that I understood (and he legit meant)to mean monogamy, on-again relationship status. So. I was working a lot. Read more

Jan 28 2020

Listen, the #boymom and #girldad shit is dumb as fuck but this is fucking unnecessary.

Nov 14 2019

If you have no interest in ESPN+, you definitely shouldn’t get this bundle. Sure, the cost of Hulu+ and Disney+ separately are equal to the cost of the bundle of all three. But, if you are a cord cutter, it’s important to remember that we fought hard and long for unbundled and reasonably priced services and buying the Read more

Nov 12 2019

I’m going to have to disagree with living alone, though I must admit I’ve never done it myself.

lol, how cute. The only people that has ever disagreed with me on the rommate issue have never lived alone... I wonder why ?

In all seriousness, I was gonna assume you were in your 20s, but then I read you are 39... idk man, Read more

Nov 11 2019

One thing to note - the wife in this story has a better credit score, a longer credit history, and is a US citizen while the husband is on a greencard.

Nov 11 2019

Emma Thompson CREATED this mess. She wrote it, and is also a producer as well as starring in it. It’s all her fault!

Oct 29 2019

These directions suck. I’ve seen multiple places with better directions. This guy gets aspects correctly, but skips a crapload of important stuff, like the fact that you have to download an app called activity launcher, he assumes yo have it, know what it is or that you know what he’s talking about. It’s confusing, Read more

Oct 16 2019

No, but when companies are asking for a 4-year degree for receptionist positions, this is where we end up.

Oct 15 2019

I also found this strange if only because she’s married - like - there’s 2 of you? You BOTH can’t figure out a way to auto-pay if money isn’t the issue? Granted, I don’t know his story. But even her GoFundMe is actually set up by her on BEHALF of HIM... but reading her interviews you’d almost think she lived alone the Read more