May 24 2017

Thank you very much. Working my way through the suggestions - though I’ve already done “the thing” - which - well now if I post about it it will link this profile to who I am again! Gah!

Jan 22 2017

I’m coping by referring to Hillary as President Clinton from here on in. After all, she did alternative-win the election.

Jan 21 2017

In New Zealand we had the first marches in the world on the 21st. They didn’t close the roads as they expected smaller numbers so we swarmed the wide footpaths and the march seemed to stretch on forever. Read more

Jan 21 2017

There were over 600 marches around the world. America may be divided but most of the rest of the world is unequivocal in its opposition. Read more

Jan 20 2017

Totally with you on becoming less tolerant of spontaneity! I like to know where my next meal is coming from and what I should wear etc. And as a vegan with small kids with serious food allergies - omg yes to that last part. We want to take a family holiday this year and I find myself vetoing anywhere that’s not Read more

Dec 31 2016

I’ve decided I don’t like drunk people and I don’t ever want to be one again. They are annoying and boring and gross and often kind of scary.

Dec 31 2016

I’ll see your fresh tomatoes and olives and raise you fennel and all of its fennely friends - ie aniseed, liquorice and dill. Bleurgh bleurgh BLEURGH

Dec 29 2016

Not to mention that wallpaper that looks like the fabric they upholstered public transport seating with in 1990. Now that really is a sin!

Dec 29 2016

Ahahaha! I read the look on her face as her gritting her teeth and thinking “for fucks’ sake Jesus, have you never heard of personal space?”

Dec 29 2016

I hear you. My dad had a bad stroke about 6 years ago and he is really an old 77-year old now. Mum is 71 and in better shape but still showing the signs of wear and tear. They’re both at a stage where I freak out a little when I call them and no one answers the phone. Read more

Dec 28 2016

Oh! I shall write a post about it. It’s a parenting one but this particular one is about what havoc it has wreaked in our bodies and how society in general doesn’t talk about things like incontinence. I’m just the guest on this month’s episode. Read more