Sex Boat (fka miss_chevious)
5:59 PM

In my experience working for a dealer group, CarGurus isn’t exactly that much better than this dealer. CarGurus would solicit business from us, but even though we declined our inventory ended up on their feed and we would receive random leads from their site. It seemed to be their sales pitch; you should be using our Read more

4:19 PM

A couple of times when I’ve marked through a phrase/clause to refuse it and initial beside the edit I’ve had people grab the contract, declare it broken or worthless, tear it up, and give me a new one with instructions to just sign it and don’t make any changes because it’s not legal to modify the contract, and if Read more

3:51 PM

When I sign contracts I often will mark out items I do not find agreeable and have the sales guy/finance guy initial (this is on mostly industrial equipment). I’ve only had one guy balk, and got absolutely ape shit pissed. Just because it’s a contract written up by them doesn’t mean I can’t change terms.

3:29 PM

I’m one of those guys who annoys people trying to get a stack of docs signed because I read everything. Invariably I’ll find something that doesn’t sound right. When I question it my favorite two responses - and the most frequent responses, by a huge margin - are: “Just ignore that because... Read more

11:37 PM

Depends on your preference, I guess. I have never once driven an automatic that shifted the way I wanted it to. Maybe that shouldn’t bother me as much as it does, but it does. Plus, I like coasting when the opportunity presents itself to see how high I can get the average mpg for the trip (this past weekend I managed Read more

4:54 PM

So this whole crowd already knows what this car should be, compared to what it is. Dumping the manual and farming everything out to BMW sure makes business sense, but gearheads aren’t swayed by Toyota’s business sense. And gearheads are the only ones who would’ve bought this car anyway. The normies will get a C8 or a Read more

3:35 PM

Can verify this. Started putting stickers on B+ and higher papers. When I handed them back, the students would flip immediately to the grade and brag to each other about whether they got a sticker. Good-natured competition sprouted up, getting people to push themselves on routine assignments. Candy worked, too. Kept a Read more

6:52 PM

We are building a house (almost finished, finally), and I emailed a neighbor this week to check in on him and he mentioned that the back of a new brick wall that overlooks his back yard was rather unsightly and very politely asked if we have any plans to clean it up/paint it. Read more

4:21 PM

This is absolutely what you should do.  I bring poop bags when I take my dog for a walk, and at this point I think picking up your dog’s shit is such common knowledge that people who don’t are advertising their lazy selfish natures.

3:29 PM

If _your_ dog poops, then pick that shit up. Bring some poop bags with you when you take your good boy for a walk. If you’re out for a walk and see someone else’s dogshit on a lawn, you have my express permission to think “What a colossal asshole that guy was” and keep walking.

3:18 PM

One of the only benefits of getting old as a fan of ‘80s/‘90s hip-hop is getting to see your favorite childhood rappers for like $15 at shitty little clubs. I’m going to watch KRS-One in a few weeks at a place that only holds a couple hundred people. There will probably be 30 of us there and we’ll all be cranky Read more

12:46 PM

I wanna know who the audience for Jeremy Renner music is? Judging from the song in the commercial it’s pop rock with a twang but NOT enough to be country, and Renner is NOT shredding on a guitar like most male actors trying to be musicians will do, he’s JUST singing, but NOT in an interesting ‘oh who knew Jeremy Read more

12:12 PM

When I first saw that Jeep commercial, I assumed that Jeremey Renner was intrigued by the girl in the Jeep and was intimating to his bandmates, “catch up with you later, suckers, the Ren-dog is gonna fuck.” Read more

11:17 AM

Chris D’elia. You have a better chance of him yelling at your child in public than hearing him tell a funny joke.  He used his dad’s career as a trojan horse to get into Hollywood and has built a following by being mean to teenage girls on twitter. Arrogant without the accolades to justify it. He is the Trevor Bauer Read more

11:21 AM

Another red flag: when someone new tells you that you’re too good for them, that they’re a bad/selfish/awful person, BELIEVE THEM.
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