Sex Boat (fka miss_chevious)
8:02 AM

I think a public trash can is also okay, or a dumpster, but definitely not some neighbor’s trash can.  That’s an act of aggression.

7:42 AM

I discovered this when I taught and gave stickers for perfect scores on the pop quizzes. I didn’t think the kids would care — I taught college freshmen, who I thought would be “too cool” for stickers — but they loved them. They saved them on their folders and at the end of the semester we gave out prizes (pieces of Read more

9:45 AM

I really like your point to prepare properly and only carry what you need, so if you get pickpocketed, it’s not the end of the world. When I travel, I keep spare cash/cards/ID in the hotel or room safe so if I lose my purse or get pickpocketed, my whole trip isn’t ruined. Of course, I take other precautions as well, Read more

8:23 AM

You and I had very similar conversations with our advisors. Mine was when I was about to embark on my PhD coursework (I’d just completed my Masters). That conversation led me to abandon my PhD and get a law degree and it was the best decision I ever made. I loved teaching — I wanted to be a professor since I was in Read more

3:06 PM

I’m sorry that you had this shitty experience. I can tell you that you I gave up a job in a field I love — teaching, not baseball — for just this reason, and it’s best fucking decision I’ve ever made. Now I care about my job, but every issue or complication doesn’t impact my sense of self worth or joy because I don’t l Read more

12:34 PM

Fucking THANK YOU. Raw tomatoes are fucking disgusting, and no you can’t just take them off the damn sandwich because they’ve already leaked their fucking innards all over it. 

5:31 PM

Ask them again when they’re in their 20s and see what answer you get.  Maybe you’re right and they loved it and everything is fine.  But my uncle got an earful from me and my sister and two cousins when he tried to reminisce about how much we all loved to be tickled when we were kids, and there are several other Read more

5:29 PM

Yeah, it’s Super Fun to tickle kids who hate it and will remember you for the rest of your life as an asshole.  Who doesn’t love that???

10:31 AM

Plus rubber gloves make the whole thing less gross. We didn’t have a dishwasher when I was a kid and I loathed putting my hands into the water and encountering whatever slime was in there, but now that I have gloves, dishwashing is kind of therapeutic.

1:53 PM

My loan seems to work like yours: if I make additional payments, it takes them out as soon as they clear, and advances my due date so that if I don’t make the next payment, I won’t be late. However, my automatic debit is unaffected, so I’m essentially paying into the future once I get ahead. It’s pretty cool.
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3:10 PM

The off-brand places can be vulnerable because of the lack of corporate standards, but it really depends on the quality of the management/employees.

7:13 PM

I was just going to say that it’s obvious this poor schmo is right-handed. I will fight someone for the end of the table seat to avoid getting an elbow in my arm.