Misanthrope Mime
8:32 AM

The lyrics in the song are not said with a hard r which is what she said. She even hesitates to say it...then says it anyway.

Honestly, I’m not that upset about it coming out of her mouth. I am willing to be forgiving of her being caught up in the moment to say it (though, like I said, she hesitates to even say it, Read more

11:36 PM

Maybe Bernie supporters should pursue Trump’s 22 actually credible allegations instead of spreading smears about Biden with the same fervor.

Of course, that would go against the nominee they’re actively working to help: Trump.

Look, Bernie lost the primary. Twice. By wide margins. Get over it. 

11:52 PM

Bernie’s repugnant, loser flunkies pushed this story out by exploiting this woman and weaponizing our morality and the MeToo movement against us just so they could keep their jobs a little longer (because, who else will hire those toxic sacks of shit?) and milk some more donations for a dead-end campaign.

So jsut for Read more

11:57 PM

The family should sue the pants off the hospitals.

Every single doctor or nurse who dealt with her and denied her care should lose their license/accreditation and never be allowed anywhere near a healthcare industry job ever again.

They should then be charged criminally.

8:28 AM

If only there was someone Bernie Bros could listen to that could tell them to knock it off. If only there was someone who, oh, I dunno, was their eponymous leader, that could convince them with more then some perfunctory, bare-minimum slap on the wrist that could show them and prove to them how they’re failing Read more

8:39 AM

Re Quantum Leap: Al isn’t The Bartender. The Bartender is a wholly new character (though the actor playing him appeared in the pilot/first episode), who many suspect is God.
I wouldn’t say the ending is bleak. It’s bittersweet. Sam goes back to save Al from a loveless life and solitude. In one episode Sam has a chance Read more

2:40 PM

Good riddance.
Now we get to see him repeat what he did in 2016: keep his toxic base frothing at the mouth, railing at a wrong, and false, threat and helping Trump win re-election.

History should not be kind to this guy who twice prevented us from getting the first woman POTUS (and two of the most capable and qualified Read more

1:33 PM

And bernie wants you to forget he supported the NRA, was against the Brady Bill, voted for every other armed conflict, supported “immigrants take our jobs” sentiment, wrote a rape fantasy essay. Read more

3:58 PM

The show continually relies heavily on alluding to and bringing back characters from TNG, so obviously we’re going to draw parallels between tng and this show. You can’t have it both ways. Either this is a departure from what we’ve known or it’s a continuation thereof. They are presenting it as the latter, and Read more

11:45 PM

I can’t even comprehend it’s narrative structure. It’s like a series of emotionally overwrought shorts haphazardly strung together. It’s nonsensical half the time.

2:46 PM

Thanks for responding. I have a ...different... take on it, but, like I said, I’m not here to troll you!

Either way, you’re in luck. It’s been renewed for season 2. Enjoy!

6:17 PM

Did you like TNG? As an adult? What is it about this show, relative to TNG, that you enjoy?

I’m genuinely asking - not trying to be a jerk/troll. I do not get the appeal of this show at all as a pretty hardcore fan of TNG (and Star Trek in general - minus nuTrek), so I’m sincerely curious what so many find good about Read more