Misanthrope Mime
5:54 PM

I’m sure his wife is known as Denial Debbie in their circle already. This kind of asshole? This was not his first violation of a woman.

5:44 PM

When a person does something like this to somebody else in public like that, it’s an implicit assertion to everyone who sees it and to the person they’re doing it to: “Look at what I can do to embarrass you. Look at how I can get others to laugh at you by humiliating you. Look at how I can control how others see you Read more

5:43 PM

She doesn’t even have to seek a lot in damages, just take him to court, make sure his name stays In the paper for a while, and this stays on his record.

5:42 PM

Dammit, you chucklefuck, your intentions were perfectly clear. You wanted to hurt and embarrass a total stranger because some stray gross impulse darted across your lizard brain and being a white male, you never even thought to resist or question it. You honestly expected her to find that funny or at least “laugh it Read more

5:16 PM

Additionally, in a statement to CBS News, Callaway’s lawyer stated that he, “did not act with any criminal intentions” and that “Tommy is a loving husband and father.” Of course, how much he loves his wife and children is irrelevant to Callaway’s inability to keep his hands to himself. And besides, Bozarjian isn’t Read more

1:13 AM

The remix job they did on Blue Monday has me completely sold. I don’t care about the movie, I just hope that song is in it. Read more

3:41 PM

I think that’s true of actors that take it too seriously or are desperate for a part. I think RR literally doesn’t care. He’s just having a good time. It’s his lack of fucks that keep him going after movies like green lantern and R.I.P.D

3:01 PM

It didn’t hurt that Dan is either a certified genius, or an authentic wacko (see what I did there?) who is REALLY into all the paranormal stuff. That earnestness guided by Ramis with the horror elements built in? *chef’s kiss*

7:17 PM

One could argue that if a stand-up comedian’s sets are poor enough to get lots of people complaining about them on social media, his or her revenue deserves to suffer.

3:31 PM

How it’s possible to have sustained contact with John Mulaney and still be a prick is beyond me.

3:23 PM

Good for Pete Davidson! It’s about time he stood up to people coming to see his shows! I, for one, will help him out by not going to them. Take that, audiences!