Nov 17

Reader Learns Of Carol’s Second Act When Writers Quit Carol’s Second Act After Patricia Heaton’s Husband Is Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Oct 29

It’s the grammar. In comparison the long words are easy.

Oct 27

Walter Davis in the classic valley of the sun purple jersey is classic cool. It gives me the urge to drop a smooth 28 points on mid range jumpers, listen to some Earth Wind and Fire and do a line of cocaine. 

Oct 26

If it wasn’t for those couple frames of film we've endlessly reviewed, JFK’s brains would still be in his head.

Oct 26

You missed the point. That one replay cost Oklahoma the game and maybe season, NOT giving up 48 points to Kansas State.

Oct 24

Complete with a statement about how he’s now free of all the SNOWFLAKES and LIBERAL FASCISTS who got him fired because they hate FREE SPEECH.

Oct 24

LOL too late, fuckers. The baseball gods are displeased and I hope you’re unceremoniously dispatched by the Nats ASAP. 

Oct 24

I can’t see the catcher’s facial expression, obviously, but I can still tell he’s like “What the fuck is wrong with you, asshole??”

Oct 23

Probably some arcane CBA rule no one ever knew about that nets them a compensatory draft pick in perpetuity.

Oct 21

“’I just felt sorry for him. He was in pain,’ one donor told The Times. ‘I felt sorry for his pain, not so much for him. I heard a person who was in pain. As a lifelong New Yorker, I said I would be happy to contribute to that effort.’”

God, imagine if this donor ever met a poor person?

Oct 20

He is for me. Not developing. Tired of waiting. Can’t find open receivers. Accurate as a Trump hurricane map on throws with any arc. I feel like I’ve been patient with him, but I’m done now. He’s bad. Read more