Dec 18 2019

Support thread for folks who found both Force Awakens and TLJ boring and realized you’ll never love Star Wars as much as you did as a child and that’s ok

Dec 10 2019

I only stan one Goose this year and they’re untitled

Oct 23 2019

I’m a lifelong Knicks fan so take my basketball knowledge and taste with whatever grain you choose but I personally feel that Steph Curry is the most entertaining player in the league to watch while James Harden is without a doubt the least. The Warriors will be better then people think this season for the very Read more

Oct 13 2019

When you’re up 28-3 and the other team comes back to steal your soul, that’s a “Thrasher”.

Oct 3 2019

Ugh, too soon. Take your stupid star, and also this VHS copy of highlights from the 1992 Dallas Cowboys’ thrilling march to the Super Bowl.

Sep 27 2019

Lakers bad news gives me a stress reaction.... in my pants!

Sep 25 2019

They give out a free cuppa whip cream. They call it a “pupachino” but you don’t even hafta have a dog with you. Just tell ‘em it’s outside, bam, free whip cream.

Sep 17 2019

with you on Bush sucking (band and Presidents!) but dear Lord Live is a steaming heap too. I ALONE LOVVVVE YOU, get over yourself, shitbag. Read more