6/21/15 10:20PM

what? It looks NOTHING like a proper batman costume. TOTALLY INACCURATE!

6/21/15 9:38PM

To those stating this is superior to all Batman movies ever; it is one thing to have an amazingly (over) armored Batman costume that works well in stills and in very short videos, it is another thing to have armor that is fully functional and usable by (humans) for a greater time period than 30 seconds. Read more

6/17/15 10:04AM

Everyone’s entitled to their interpretation of what’s funny in comedy, however, Mindy fucking NAILED IT. Maybe if George wasn’t such a fuckwit interviewer and used a better choice of words and didn’t create a solid moment of awkward silence, she wouldn’t have had to break the ice with such a FUCKING AWESOME RESPONSE.

5/26/15 10:22AM

Watch out for the Philidelphia Church Of God too, which my father in law abandoned his family to join 15yrs ago. It’s a Christian cult which observes the Old Testament but believes in Jesus and are consumed with the end times. Women are subservient, it’s isolating and the shit my FIL talks about (gold hidden in the Read more

5/23/15 9:28AM

I have been listening to WTF since 2009 and this has never occurred to me, but damn, you nailed it.

5/23/15 5:06AM

FWIW, I read Danger Zone’s comment to say little about you. They simply acknowledged that both of you could relate to Maron in some ways and then went on to talk about how Maron’s comedy/persona has evolved from and flies off the handle less. I didn’t read it to imply that you, therefore, were also prone to flying off Read more

5/21/15 12:39PM

Jesus Christ, over ten years?? Mindy, honestly, move on. You can tell she still loves him, and he knows, but he’s still THERE knowing what she wants and knowing he won’t ever give her that. Sometimes you need to leave so that people move on, otherwise there’s that stupid, stupid hope we all know. Read more

5/01/15 10:04PM

Perfect. I’m a wife and I would want to know everything.

3/04/15 5:48PM

So basically they're more worried about how their country looks as opposed to how their country treats women. KAY. Sorry probably-dudes, but racist shitstains would have found a reason to hate you anyway. And women already know men can be just as dangerous in India or America. Misogyny is a global problem. Read more