7/04/15 3:28AM

I just...I just can’t with the “I have cancer, money plz” crowdfunding. So many people are faking cancer and other serious illnesses these days, it seems, just to make a quick buck. I’m getting tired of assholes abusing GoFundMe and, because of their shameless conning, we all have to read each page on Kickstarter or Read more

7/03/15 11:32PM

...It seems more like HE got the shock of his life (all of the “OH MY GOODNESS”-es) while she just smiled and spoke in that not-warm-at-all Judge speak.

6/27/15 8:24AM

I just realized it must be sooooo haaaaard for men. This has opened my eyes to the fact that society as a whole views women who openly enjoy sex as completely accepted...not labeled as ‘sluts’ or ‘whores’, told they must have low self worth, stigmatized, bullied, so on and so forth. You guys, it’s not fair that Read more

6/21/15 11:04PM

Whenever a historical discovery like this is made and somebody states “It is believed _____ was used for _____”, I think of that Futurama episode where Fry goes to the 20th century museum and all of the information provided is weird as shit and off.

6/20/15 10:24PM

Hah! Jesus. This guy wanted to be seen as a hero in the eyes of the white supremacist movement, but the second the courts become involved, he backpeddles with the played out “But I’m crazy!” defense. Which is it, dickbag? You did this to “save the white race” and impress your Nazi buddies or did you have a break from Read more

6/20/15 9:47AM

That definitely is a sticky situation. I’ve been cheated on by multiple ex’s (I sure pick the charmers...), but the worst was when my boyfriend and best friend had been screwing around behind my back. Everybody but me knew and though it’s 10 years later, the embarrassment of everybody in my hometown knowing except for Read more

6/20/15 9:19AM

My first, real boyfriend was a total schmuck. I was 17 and he was 21, so I was enchanted by his ability to grow a real beard and the fact he had an apartment. He would brag about how, right before we’d met, he’d run away to Venice Beach for a few months and did all sorts of wild and crazy things. At the time, I Read more

6/20/15 7:30AM

My family was rather broke for the majority of my childhood, so vacations consisted of just aimlessly driving around upstate New York, looking at various tourist attractions we’d happen upon and staying at cheap motels. By late elementary school, we had a bit more money and you know what that means: WILDWOOD, NJ.
No, Read more

6/17/15 5:03PM

Mindy, love,’t waste your time on a guy who is clearly interested in being there when it’s convenient for him and when he wants sex, but will not return your feelings. Don’t go for the Jon Hamm in Bridesmaids types, you will be left incredibly disappointed.

I also have a B.J. Novak story. Read more

6/04/15 4:29PM

Seriously, whenever I see some video a parent posted on Youtube, or worse, their child’s fucking Facebook wall, I always see masses of people applauding the parent and screaming for them to receive a ‘parent of the year award’. I’ve seen worse, too, I think we all have. I’ve seen one where a dad was beating the shit

6/03/15 11:48AM

Waaaaay late comment, but I forgot about this until now. Bronn promises Tryion that he escorted Shae onto the boat. Tyrion pushes Bronn for verification and Bronn’s all “YES. DUDE. She’s on the goddamn boat”. Clearly, Shae did not get on the boat. What’s up with that? Did Bronn push her ass on the boat, but not wait Read more

6/01/15 5:30PM

Okay, so:
Wights: The walking dead army that are the thralls of The White Walkers. The zombies.

White Walkers: The supernatural guys who control the wights. The blue guys who everyone is scared shitless of, the guys who were on the horses. The thing that Jon fought. Also known as ‘The Others’.

It’s just a small pet Read more

5/28/15 3:44PM

Ugh, I’m sorry your family has to deal with that. I’d never heard of this particular cult before and, like all other cults, this one sounds terrible. Everything that cults do to their members is horrid, but the worst thing is isolating the individual and cutting them off from their families. There are experts who deal Read more

5/26/15 11:53PM

Haha, I never said Lucie Arnaz was in the wrong! Christ, if I was her, I’d have sat my ass down on a couch and screamed at me about how rude I was. Then again, Lucie’s “Just get her the. fuck. out. NOW.” approach made an awful lot of sense.
The topic was “Your Best Worst Celebrity Encounters”. Just because it wasn’t Read more

5/23/15 9:53AM

It only just now occurred to me that Marc Maron might, for whatever reason, happen upon my comment and rain unrelenting fire and brimstone upon my head for the next year until it ends with an episode of his TV show reenacting all of it. In this episode, Marc comes across as petty and vindictive in a funny, charming Read more

5/23/15 9:36AM

It’s totally alright, it’s super easy to misinterpret what someone else is trying to say when it’s in a comment, a text message, etc. It’s like 90% of the arguments between my boyfriend and I are caused by miscommunication during texting. Again, no worries.

5/23/15 6:27AM

Oh, no, I didn’t think they were saying I was prone to flying off the handle, I had read it as “I relate to Maron differently than you do, I enjoy the softer side of his shtick while you relate to the flying off the handle side of Maron” and I was just like “Wha?”. I thought they’d misinterpreted my personal reasons Read more

5/23/15 2:54AM

I have a question.
Is David Walliams bi/pan? I know he’s married to Lara Stone, so he’s, at least, not an out gay man (which, if he was, I seriously doubt he’d make so many “I like men” jokes). It’s just throughout his career there’s a running “Walliams likes dudes” joke/shtick. I mean, his whole bit with being super Read more

5/23/15 2:21AM

Is discussing Marc Maron often turned into a therapy session? This is honestly my first time discussing him outside of one or two conversations with friends, so I wasn’t aware I was continuing a common dialogue regarding his mental/emotional health.
If every conversation about Marc Maron turns into a therapy session Read more

5/22/15 11:11PM

My best friend was dating the son of Lucie Arnaz (aka the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz) throughout high school and for a few years after. Lucie’s done a bunch of musicals and some movies. The boyfriend’s dad is a well known producer and a lesser known actor (the only role that comes to mind is Sybok, Spocks Read more