4/15/21 12:55PM

Ditto! Saga Frontier was my first RPG ever and still on eof my favourites. I've been playing in emulatora every once in awhile but it's great that it's now an official releSe

4/15/21 11:02AM

I remember renting SaGa Frontier like 4 or 5 times as a kid and just... not really understanding it. I don’t remember WHAT about it I found so hard to get into though... maybe I’ll download it so I can get disappointed all over again!

1/28/21 12:21PM

I made the switch to ebooks after I realized how much space I was saving by getting rid of my CDs in favor of digital music.

If the content was what I treasured, rather than the carrying case for the content, why was I holding on to dozens of packing boxes full of books? (A question my wife had asked more than once.)

Now Read more

2/28/20 9:38AM

Hell to the no. 100% no. Most people don’t know how to lock down their computers and networks properly or set up a QOS that is worth a damn. Neighbor’s partner is a photography freak and is uploading 100+ uncompressed pictures a day to Facebook while you’re in the middle of a gaming session and now you’re a Read more

2/24/20 12:36PM

I’ve often found that the top recipes aren’t necessary the best recipe or the most authentic recipes. Slow cooked grits with water turn out surprisingly creamy without milk. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess the slaves weren’t using parmesan. 

2/24/20 8:09AM

Or, you could make real shrimp and grits in 20 minutes, if you think the popcorn idea is nothing but a gimmicky extra step to appeal to shallow, Instagrammy, 20-somethings.

2/18/20 3:47AM

Those FBI stats are not crime commission statistics; they are arrest statistics. They don’t measure how often black or white people actually commit crimes; they only demonstrate that black people are arrested more often.

2/14/20 12:26PM

I don’t think so. Yours says 350 feet, mine comes to 184...

2/06/20 12:38AM

“Somewhat bafflingly, the organizers of the Diverse Edition promotion have stated that they chose the books they did specifically because the texts in question never specify the characters’ race.”  Read more

1/30/20 2:49PM

There are a billion recipes for buffalo chicken dip online, which is wild because every time I’ve had it, it usually tastes the same. Mildly sweet cream cheese and tangy buffalo sauce is a hard combination to screw up. Nor is there really any way to elevate it; you could use expensive products, I guess, but then Read more

1/21/20 1:14PM

Since everyone knows that the only reason to own actual books at this juncture is to house them on a shelf and impress the people you’ve allowed into your home, this particular method can transform that typically banal presentation into some sort of odd pop art installation. 

4/18/19 5:12PM

Okay, so having read the actual scientific article that was linked in the above news report, there are multiple issues with this report.
First, it’s published in a Radiology journal, not a microbiology or infectious disease journal. It’s underpowered (too few participants). They give no methodology for how they are Read more