4/15/21 2:30PM

Same. I’m excited to play it on a handheld it’s intended for this time though (Switch Lite) versus ones I modded to do it (PSP and Vita). It looks solid on the the Lite right now FYI. I know folks are complaining about the smoothing, but it’s not bothered me so far.

4/15/21 11:17AM

It’s a hard game, extremely non-linear with really dense mechanics that are not really explained at all. It is tough, arguably not as tough as Romancing Saga 2&3, but still tough as nails all the same. It’s not you.

4/15/21 10:00AM

I’m sitting here at work downloading Saga Frontier and waiting for breaktime to play a few minutes. It’s my favorite PS1 rpg, if not favorite rpg overall honestly, and I’ve been waiting for this almost thirty years now.

1/28/21 3:54PM

This, so much this nowdays. There as a time I would have sworn by physical books, but I’m a content over container person now. 

1/28/21 3:50PM

Trying to decide how I feel about this on a whole, it really mirrors a very recent discussion in r/books. I will say this, I think a lot of pushback against classics comes from book snobbery and elitism. It’s not uncommon to be frowned upon for reading genre books, or be told that it isn’t “real reading”, ie. reading Read more

5/02/20 8:06PM

He also clarified that he wants people to resume working because he keeps receiving donations from viewers who say they’ve lost their jobs. “It sucks, you know,” he said.”

Huh, guess it never occurred to him that he didn’t have to take those donations, or to give them back. I mean, since he’s so obviously worried Read more

2/24/20 11:12AM

And are all the same, not essential to either grits or shrimp and grits. People regularly can and do make them without either. I don’t usually use milk, or cheese in grits.

2/24/20 10:33AM

So, milk and heavy cream aren’t cheese, so I find your measure to be really damned odd. I think you refuted something, but I’m having a hard time placing what it is.

2/24/20 10:10AM

Man, not all shrimp and grits have cheese by a pretty big margin. They might overlap, but cheese grits and shrimp & grits aren’t the same dish.

2/14/20 1:00PM

I think maybe walking we might be slightly ahead. The parking lots of all three business are connected and you can skip right across, avoiding the road. 

2/14/20 11:31AM

I’ll do you one better. We have both of Hardees and Popeyes sandwiching an Andy’s Custard in between them here. So you could do all three, all other potential issues aside.

Shit, I wish I was 20 again and I would do it for science.

2/06/20 9:44AM

There’s a lot of this to not like, and I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge fan of B&N in the first place. But what really gets me about this is, it wouldn’t have even been hard to to find current books written by black writers. We are in a place and time that black authors are really being celebrated and talked about, Read more

1/22/20 9:53AM

Love most of your comments here, but I have to point out that you are wrong in this Maps. Ebook readers often share ebooks, both through legal and illegal means. My current Calibre shelf sits about 300+ deep and I do loan them to friends and family.

On donations, that’s a lot more nuanced than I think you’ve given Read more

1/22/20 9:49AM

It’s paper and board, just that. Those are very often trash. The words themselves survive far beyond it.

Collect if you want, but don’t conflate containers and content.

1/22/20 9:47AM

I should have added that there are people working in libraries that do fetishize aspects of the books, beyond some archivists and preservationists. When I worked in the systems side of things, the other people in the office were adamant about not breaking a books spine to the extent that they would barely open them Read more

1/22/20 9:40AM

And it hinders our ability to advance collections by weeding out older materials. I think people believe that book-lovers (by which they mean sniffers :)) keep libraries afloat and our our best advocates. But book fetishizing really hurts libraries in the long run, especially when well-meaning people impact collection Read more