Jun 5 2018

Thanks for sending me down a Nikki Lane rabbit hole. I love her!

May 1 2018

great synopsis. during my hardcore/punk phase, nothing else mattered (maybe classic rock, as that’s how i started), especially anything outside of the “alternative” mantle. now, i listen to everything: folk, limited country, etc. the lesson? a good song is a good song. Read more

Apr 30 2018

I first heard this when clerks came up. Still great. Girls against boys. Kill the sexplayer.

Apr 14 2018

These guys were so good...Look at that crowd, they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else - at that moment.

Apr 14 2018

“One Year Ago Today” - The Driving Wheels

Apr 14 2018

“Old Friend” is the only song in The Allman Brothers Band’s catalog which was not written or performed by one of the band’s founding members.

Mar 30 2018

Dave Grohl covers “Band on the Run” at a Paul McCartney tribute held at the White House.

Feb 14 2018

It was a good run, Lindsey. Good luck at the Athletic, although I still don’t get the “we don’t sell ads” thing.

Feb 12 2018

So, two months later update time. I’ve been getting into Grady Spencer and the Work a little bit lately. Not what I would call country at all, really, but they play them on The Ranch a good amount and I like their sound. “Same Place” is my current jam.