I’m excited for them. They recently did a live performance for Paste on YouTube (only three songs, link here) that I meant to post about on here but totally blanked on it. Been jamming a lot of them this past week, especially older performances. Came across an Archive.org page where they have like 40+ different live Read more

Sounds pretty good! Really love Nikki Lane’s voice, there’s just something about it that gets to me.

Meant to get this posted a while back. Jackpot by Nikki Lane. Incredibly catchy and impossible not to move to the beat.

I’ve been enjoying American Aquarium’s newest album and particularly this song below. It’s in competition with One Day At A Time as my favorite but it feels impossible to choose one over the other. Picked this one because I love the message but highly recommend listening to the other one mentioned.

The Cure always makes me think of how strange our musical tastes can be. Read more

Oh man, so Shakey Graves released a new single recently and it’s pretty great. It doesn’t much resemble the sound that made me first fall in love with his music but it’s no less enjoyable and is probably one of my new favorites.

Have another performance tonight from Steamboat MusicFest. I listen online to a radio station out of Ft Worth that’s always playing good music (95.9 The Ranch) and they turned me onto this guy a few weeks back. In the Night is another song I really enjoy from him but I think Jamestown Ferry is a better intro song.

Wasn’t sure what to post tonight, had a few different ideas, but eventually settled on this one from Kaitlin Butts. There are 2-3 from Shane Smith I’d like to share but their album hasn’t dropped yet so they aren’t great quality recordings and don’t do the songs justice. Not to imply this one below isn’t good, but

Hey all, been a while! Got two songs tonight that I’ve really been enjoying. The first is an original from Jason Eady and the second is a cover by two artists with some great voices (Cody Jinks and Paul Cauthen).

Oh man... Parker McCollum. I see him pop up often on the “related artists” for Spotify and can’t stand his picture there. Just makes me think of someone who’d fit nicely as a 90s boy band. Don’t really have any strong opinions on his songs though. Had some Ranch on the radio when on my trip this past week and heard Read more

I’ve been absent here for a bit and funny enough it’s only two days past your post that I come to check things out.

Hey all, long time no see! Popping in with a Valentine’s Day song for everyone.

Plus if we’re looking at all L&O seasons, the guy who played Barba was a murderer in a Criminal Intent episode. Saw his face and recognized him from the episode where he plays an ADA that murders someone in an attempt to mess with Eames.

I think I’m likely to be getting the Jacksboro one. I usually start listening to what I believe is 95.9 once I’m around Gorman and my other station cuts out, then I lose the signal somewhere between Hico and Meridian, which would make sense if it’s coming from Jacksboro.

They had parts where they were all together and then at times one or two would take a break. Wish I could remember more of the show but that night I drank a bit too much so only bits and pieces are there, haha. Read more

We said we had just seen them at a little dive/dump and there were about 20 people there, and I’ll never forget the way he just matter-of-factly said “yeah, that’s how it is.” I’m sure he knows that type of room all too well, even though they draw fairly well down here now.

Going tonight with two ladies who usually perform genres I’m not a fan of, but in these two covers I absolutely love them. First up is Taylor Swift doing Run by George Strait. This Taylor is my dream girl. It’s a real shame imo that we don’t see more of these types of songs from her.

Ya I noticed one of their stops is the fairly small town of San Angelo which isn’t too far from here. That’s something I like with the Texas country (and similar bands/music, such as AA) artists is that they’re usually pretty chill. It’s also incredibly common to see them wearing shirts/hats of the other bands. One

Yea I really love his live recordings of the Southeastern songs. Thanks for the album suggestion, I’ll check that out later. Read more

With Isbell I’m really only familiar with Southeastern. I’ve listened to some songs from Sirens of the Ditch on Spotify but wasn’t a big fan. Huge fan of the songs on Southeastern, though. Read more