Jun 21 2016

Good ending to the story. Glad I stuck it out! :)

Jun 20 2016

Queue the 50 people who immediately drive in to a lake and try to file a lawsuit.

Jun 2 2016

Easy. Cadillac Ciel. Cadillac convertible 4-suicide-door luxobarge made today? I’ll take 3.

Apr 26 2016

I love this breakdown. When I bought my Toyota Matrix XRS in high school, I went through the same thought process (though it was new). When they offered me an extended warranty, I easily turned it down thinking “that’s why I’m buying a Toyota... it’ll never break down). Read more

Feb 24 2016

I don’t know. I constantly think about getting a Wrangler, but poor fit and finish and reliability are tough pills to swallow. I would venture to guess a Ford competitor would be a better car (albeit with less offroad prowess - you can’t have everything).

Feb 1 2016

Where do they think power comes from when you charge your phone from a wall outlet? For lots of us, it isn’t happy unicorn rainbow farts.

Jan 25 2016

I’m surprised there’s no LATCH system. I have an NC Miata and it has LATCH in the passenger seat.

Dec 2 2015

My instinct is to hate this. But I have a feeling this is going to Jeep Cherokee its way into my heart at some point.

Nov 5 2015

I feel like a just read a very long advertisement.

Oct 6 2015

Maybe $500 to $1,500, depending on how much I like the car. I don’t think I’ve averaged more than a couple of hundred dollars a year on any car I’ve ever owned. Maybe less than that.

Oct 5 2015

Caravan was still pretty big though. Just not Grand Caravan big.

Oct 1 2015

The name says it all. I’m scared to ever drive an NA Miata, because I think it’ll make me like my NC less. Read more