Oct 16

When I got to be of legal age the first thing I got at the liqour store was a small bottle of Amontilado! I did not try to poison or wall anyone up... Yet 😁

Oct 10

Oh yummy dinner. I can bring a puff pastry rustic strawberry pie over! We had some iffy berries from the market as they are the last of the season and a frozen puff pastry that has been in the freezer for a year lol

Sep 30

I’ve got a cookbook of recipes that was collected from local communities. You have to skip the first third of every recipe that tells you how to kill and butcher a pig with admonishments to collect the blood for sausages

Aug 29

Haven’t you heard? The tracking chip is actually on the covid testing swabs!!!!😁 

Aug 7

The man and I have been frisky out and about more than once balconies, gondola, car but only one was a disaster. We go camping one fall weekend and the place is deserted, as in there are only two tents in a section meant for 50. So after a few drinks and around midnight we decide to get frisky on the picnic table. Slip Read more

Jun 30

I worked in a mall bookstore at the time and can remeber a run on chicken soup for the soul. Really surprised that tgere was no John Grisham here unless he was not with doubleday.

Apr 21

Lol same here. I’m already pale and colourless so no lip tint = looking like I have no lips.

Apr 9

My father who supported me in everything and is very ill and shut in a nursing home alone is a man as is my neighbour, who is working all hours as a nurse and putting his life on the line. Your comment is offhand and frankly very disturbing. So sorry men fucked you over that you feel happy that they will probavly die.

Mar 18

I’m in Montreal and our province is trying to get ahead of the whole thing. Anyone that can has been mandated to work from home for the next two weeks and, since we are a tech centered city, this is basically about 1/2 the 1 million population of the city. This effectively also gave those that needed to go out enough Read more

Mar 11

I feel for all the small businesses in the area that depend on these events or festivals to make their bottom lines. This may drive quite a few into closure/bankruptcy. 

Mar 7

Out of the corner of my eye I saw my co worker stick a paperclip in his ear then put it in his mouth and suck. That is all.

Jan 25

Lol. I think I would have been upset if I hadn’t already decided to break up with him. Wonder if it was his “thing” / breakup strategy? 

Jan 24

Was with a really sweet guy for a few months but just wasn’t clicking, he wanted the whole kids, dog and bungalow in the burbs and I was definately loft in the city girl. The relationship was really dragging by November but it was so near Christmas and his birthday that it seemed cruel to break up right then. Day of Read more

Jan 19

Yep. The gravy comes in little individual cups on the plate. She drank hers with her pinky out 🤣

Jan 18

My grandmother once managed to put a half bbq chicken in her purse. We took her out to a rotisserie restaurant and once the food was in the table she took her napkin patted her lips, dropped the napkin on her plate and slipped the chicken into her bag that was opened on her lap. We continued to eat and just had to Read more

Jan 17

So the man and I are having his parents over for the first time after we moved in together. He decided to make Indonesian from a packet that a friend brought us back from Europe whilst on vacation. So a) we don’t read dutch b) the measurements are in decileters (more common to use centiliters and liters in Canada.) Read more

Jan 2

Oddly enough this is the reason I am learning to pick locks. And don’t forget to pack a can opener in that bag!

Sep 23 2019

AWWW. My dad use to let me play hairdresser and put all sorts of bows and barrettes in his hair.

Sep 20 2019

Was the picked on kid all through elementary so when I ended up going to a private high school in another arrondissement Itook the chance to be assertive. First week in three girls corner me in the locker room and try to push me around. I slam one into a locker. Punch the other in the stomach and whisper really  low Read more