Oct 22

If you place Trump in a box and sealed it, you would not know if Trump was dead or alive until you opened the box, so that until the box was opened, Trump is both “dead and alive”.

Oct 21

I’m sorry. I don’t think actual white supremacists are running around shouting, “I love fall, because it reminds me of the way things used to be.” That’s incredibly Amerocentric. The French, Japanese, Fins all love fall as well.

Oct 21

I am 100% a white suburban housewife who loves fall and sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes. IDK how this article got into Thanksgiving? Which, while technically in the fall is just a dress rehearsal for Christmas. The secret is, I live in Georgia. In the fall, it is the end of 4+ months of temperatures over 90 and all Read more

Oct 20

What’s missing from this article is that they’ve been divorced for 12 years. They divorced in 2008, reunited for the sake of the kids in 2015/2016 and were living together in his house but not married. Given that the house was purchased by him when they weren’t married, there’s no reason she should have a right to it.

Oct 16

Since a small bottle is so much smaller than a cask of Amontilado, you might have to settle for a much smaller act of villainy like leaving them in the car with no keys while you run into Starbucks or not replacing an empty toilet paper roll or something.

Oct 16

My one regret about getting sober at 19 was that I wasted my time drinking shitty beer and cheap wine. There was a whole world of interesting drinks that I didn’t even know about and will never get to try.

Oct 10

Yum. This reminds that I need to go to our local German butcher. I roasted a chicken. The first of the season and just made a pot of soup from it tonight. So very satisfying. 

Oct 6

AAAAA I *live* for these every year, even though oftentimes they creep me all the way out. Can’t wait to see this years’ submissions (except the inevitable dullards who think it’s witty to post some half-assed thing about Trump).

Oct 2

The bathroom at the Kathmandu airport. It was basically a large room with wooden walls that did not go all the way to the ceiling surrounding a wooden platform with holes cut in it—like an inside outhouse. My daughter and I were very sick with intestinal parasites and I had to hold her in a death grip so her tiny body Read more

Oct 2

1986. Newly pregnant. Florida in August, about noon. Flea Market porta-potty. I vomitted on my feet while I was peeing.

Oct 2

In our old apartment, our bedroom door didn’t latch, but we didn’t want the cat getting in either because my husband is allergic. He left for work one day and absent-mindedly latched the lock. Imprisoned, desperate, I peed in our beautiful floral trashcan. It’s not by any stretch of the imagination the grossest place Read more

Oct 1

My partner and I booked a night in a old spooky hotel that reminds us of Hill House in a cute old town. There will be plenty wine, candy and spooky movies all social distanced in our room. 🎃

Sep 18

In my previous house I was putting in new vinyl flooring in my bathroom. It comes in long strips that stick to each other, but not the subfloor, so you can either caulk or put in trim to hide the edge. Read more

Sep 18

Can people stop treating the “green new deal” as if it’s anything more than a vague wish-list of policy goals and seemingly whatever pops into AOC’s at any given moment as opposed to a concrete plan with numbers and figures? Because that’s what it is aside from the 15$ an hour minimum wage which Biden has already Read more

Sep 15

Does your sister have an inferiority complex? I’m not being insulting, at least not trying to be. I’ve just found that certain folks seem to have a knee jerk dislike and distrust of people they perceive to be erudite. For some reason, certain folks see anyone smarter than them — especially if that person knows they’re Read more

Sep 1

That’s why it’s gotta go so far up the nose - to implant into the brain!