Jul 28

Honorable non-genre mention: Mitchell (1975), basis for the greatest episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 ever made.

Jul 24

Thank you!

It’s a Warrior caste Minbari character I played in an ongoing B5 LARP. That way I didn’t feel compelled to make an exact duplicate of Neroon’s costume. I did model the bone off of Neroon’s best I could. And making the bone was the main point of trying that costume.

Jul 23

I think they both got railroaded under Remender, but no writer after him is trying to undo his changes. What he did to Pym is REALLY stupid.

Jul 23

Hank is such a good character. Wish he got more respect and page time.

Jul 22

Quite honestly, Marvel has spent many years turning Wanda into The Fucking Worst. Her track record for being possessed, going insane, turning evil, and nearly destroying the world is truly off the charts. Rivaled at Marvel only by, as you say, Hank “I created Ultron” Pym and Hank “I experiment on myself” McCoy. Read more

Jul 16

I assert that while The Mummy 2 is not a good movie, Rick and Evelyn’s relationship in that movie is goals. He has become more academic and she has become more martial since the first movie and they are an awesome power couple.

Jul 13

everybody’s top is diferent, some people are bottoms