1:58 PM

Martha Stewart once SCREAMED at my (now ex) husband and his coworkers for having the audacity to be hosting a team cookout on the day she arrived at their workplace. It was insane. It was uncalled for. And I still would take her over Gwyneth any day of the week, and twice on Sunday. 

1:14 PM

These are both very wealthy & privileged women, and yet Martha is always coming out cooler & relateable, every single time. And she has the polite, shadey sensibility down pat. Goopy’s trying too hard. 

12:53 PM

If they’re movie stars or hardworking women like I am

2:59 AM

My apologies for any misconception on my part. I interpreted the gesture as an act of kindness bestowed upon someone who wasn’t quite all there at the end, but she never lost sight of her legacy and place in American Music. Jennifer Hudson was only approved to play her likeness in a movie, not be the next Queen. LOL

10:00 PM

Aretha was notorious throughout her career, well before her final illness, for being financially “different” from other performers: payment in cash before performances, the purse always by her side, and a nasty habit of stiffing contractors (it’s a rich person thing, apparently; certainly the current occupant of the Read more

4:13 PM

It can be hard for people of means to trust anyone, especially if they’ve been ripped off in the past. 

3:59 PM

She did, that was what Blank Space was about. She has given enough interviews over the years that make it clear she hasn’t been in relationships like that nor does she consider herself psycho in relationships but clearly the media and public do. Read more

11:41 PM

I for one quite liked it! What a tense 90 (?) minutes of television. Seeing poor Winterfell torn apart again. The chaos of the dark battle, plans falling apart. Arya delivering the killing blow with the knife that started the War of the Five Kings! If I had any complaint, it’s that too many characters survived Read more

11:04 PM

My tv’s resolution wasn’t great, but generally it looked fantastic, even when I couldn’t see anything (in the sense that the characters also couldn’t see anything). The scenes with the Dothraki were especially great: Melisandre lighting all their swords on fire, and then all the fires getting snuffed out as they hit a Read more

10:42 PM

The Night King doesn’t feel like a villain.  He’s more like a natural disaster, or Godzilla.  I like that he didn’t start explaining himself in a pleasant baritone.

10:42 PM

Ayra basically was rolling high tonight and scored a crit success on her Sneak Attack on the Night King

10:41 PM

Remember how good the battle of Hardhome was... because you could see the battle of Hardhome.  This was like the golden age of radio.

10:38 PM

I guess the show has lost a lot of steam with how anticlimactic the end of the battle ended up being and most deaths were entirely gratuitous, with Cersei as the next Big Bad feeling like a step down... Read more

11:34 AM

I’m with you on that point, but I also feel icky about how just because she is verbal about her emotional vulnerability, the society labels her “crazy.” There is definitely that stereotype on her, which she sometimes plays up. Her lines like Look what you made me do / No one will love you like I do and stuff like that Read more

11:14 AM

Right? I commented up thread that she turns 30 this year. It’s one thing when you’re learning to navigate relationships in your teens and 20s by making mistakes (and after several years of that it was already old). A 30 year old grown ass woman should not be shrugging her shoulders and saying “I know I’m a handful Read more