Aug 24 2019

I wasn’t trying to say she was poor. I was trying to say that there are people in the world, the person I was referring to included, who have experienced massive levels of (often historical) trauma. (QEI would qualify too, since her mother was executed by her father when she was a toddler.)

Aug 23 2019

This makes me sad. The uncashed checks thing plus the will means that she didn’t have someone taking care of her affairs. That shouldn’t be happening with a woman in her 70s whose been ill for some time. Add the cash thing, and it just makes me think a certain person I know who grew up poor with trauma and so stashes Read more

Apr 27 2019

I agree. But then I wish she would sing about THAT rather than, as you say, playing it up.

Apr 26 2019

I’m I the only one who’s sick of her whole “I’m kind of an emotionally abusive girlfriend who is crazy, demanding, and always yelling and fighting with you, but like, I’m cute” vibe?

Apr 16 2019

I pictured Jon Snow as looking more like sort of a younger, thinner-faced, marginally more emo Tobias Menzies” Read more

Apr 3 2019

Oh I totally agree, and I’m not voting for this guy in the primaries, though I’ll take him over President Sexual Assault. But I’m just coming off a ridiculous FB conversation where someone claimed that it’s the grab-ee’s job to tell the grab-er that she doesn’t want a hug. So I was glad that he is mildly better than Read more

Apr 3 2019

“The extent to which social norms have changed in Biden’s lifetime may be arguable—I personally feel like I’ve been having a version of this conversation my entire life. The change has only “begun” for men who never had to listen before.” Read more

Apr 2 2019

“The point was made, he acknowledged it and you can be pretty sure he won’t do it anymore.” Read more

Apr 1 2019

The thing that pisses me off even more about all of this is that Biden’s team is *already* out there crapping all over the women involved, suggesting they work for other Democratic candidates, etc. UGH. 

Mar 27 2019

Yes to all these. And people forget that there were other witnesses who knew what Thomas’s behavior was like who could have testified. I always understood that Biden wouldn’t let them testify—he claims that they refused to do so. Apparently, no one agrees on why the other testimony didn’t happen (https://www.washington Read more

Mar 5 2019

Disagree. Trump wiped the floor of the GOP with candidates not named HRC. He’s going to be hard to beat in 2020. We’re going to have to work extremely hard to get someone else elected, because between Russia, voter suppression, big Republican money, Fox News, and racism, we need every edge we can.

Mar 5 2019

Absolutely. It’s very hard to figure out in which ways Jezebel is now feminist.

Mar 5 2019

This post is actually insane: “her disastrous loss definitely afforded her a few pearls of wisdom.” Tell that to the 65,844,610 people who voted for her (compared to Cheeto’s 62,979,636 votes). She’s the most successful women politician in American history, and I think she deserves a little more respect than this crap.

Oct 25 2018

I hear you!! I LOVE Meghan Markleto my shame, I love all the royals. But she is so much better than most of them. The only issue lately is that I google her multiple times a day to see what’s the latest on the tour of Australia/Fiji/Tonga/New Zealand, and then I’m like, “UGH, I am SO SICK of her, why does the press Read more

Oct 18 2018

Thank you! I’m going in January and this just made me consider redoing my itinerary.

Oct 9 2018

I love her. Sidebar—she had a kidney transplant in 2016. The donor was her current husband. So glad she managed to escape Ike with her life and later found the type of person who would give her his kidney.

Sep 17 2018

You left out the most haunting part of the obituary, the part that really broke me. It made me finally understand that line in all the movies that says killing a person haunts you: Read more

Aug 9 2018

I’m mostly Team Brad in the divorce, but I don’t think the way Bobby summarized the info is fair to Angelina. Pitt hasn’t given Angelina $9 million—he lent her money to buy a separate house for her and the kids, and that was $8 million, but she claims she’s meeting the schedule for repayment with interest. The Read more

Jul 17 2018

Agree with the rest of the comments. I see no reason to get cranky about a people sharing positive images of breastfeeding. If they criticize women who can’t, that’s another matter, but there’s no suggestion of that here. And trying to parse levels of positivity seems like a losing battle to me. You might be worried Read more