Mergio Sarchionne
7/21/18 10:58AM

Arrivederci everyone. Thank you for the comments, COTDs and everything else. It’s been a blast posting as the man himself Read more

7/20/18 12:46PM

I’m proud to announce that because of the relaxation of this legislation, we’re making a new car based on the Beast of Turin. Read more

7/12/18 5:27PM

I’m 100% sure that Hamilton fellow is out torching one of our dealerships right now.

6/27/18 4:54PM

Do you know why it’s gone? All you “enthusiasts” who ask me to bring these to the NA market and then buy a CVT Kia Soul instead because you suddenly remember you’re 39 years old 215lbs, make $65K a year and have a wife, 2 kids and a dog.