Mental Drifter
3:40 PM

That’s the rub - if you feel like a fat piece of shit, you're probably not in a very good place to undertake the task of losing weight. I hope you can find confidence no matter what your weight. 

12:14 PM

This right here. Goddamn. I strained and battered myself from 255 to 178 at my lowest and for every fleeting moment of feeling accomplished (but still ravenous) there would be endless days of still feeling fat and gross and insufficient and always, always hungry. Even the mood balancing effects of exercise and genuine Read more

12:57 PM

McConnell refused to even hold a vote on Garland. How was Schumer supposed to make him do anything?

10:31 AM

I commend her for sticking to her principles and voting in line with what her constituents sent her to Capitol Hill to do.

I really, honestly applaud that.

However, every time an article is run concerning government workers and contractors (and, again, contractors aren’t guaranteed backpay once this shutdown ends, so Read more

12:08 PM

I think it’s because he represented an actual shot at a progressive agenda for the first time in decades, and it turned a good portion of supporters into “ride or die” advocates. Read more

11:54 AM

Bernie is not good at addressing issues that are outside of his passion for economic justice. It is a major blind spot and an impediment to building a progressive coalition. Read more

11:16 AM

“Claire McCaskill might as well be replaced by a Republican...oh wait damnit she was and now there’s one less person to put pressure on McConnell to bring the House CR to the floor...uh...uh...PIVOT HAKEEM JEFFRIES IS EVIL!”

5:15 AM

honestly it could have been a blunt practice sword that you can unscrew the pommel to replace grips. Read more

12:10 AM

There are a lot of despicable things about right-wing propaganda and crankery. Singling out any part of its awfulness should not distract from the whole. But the way such propagandists encourage and target those who are mentally ill, lonely, desperate, socially and/or digitally illiterate, or otherwise on Read more

5:36 PM

Is it really that hard to understand how a politician would dance around being a supporter of a once great grassroots movement that has since been co-opted by radical extremists obsessed with identitarianism to a degree where the FBI considers it now a Terrorist Organization?