1/27/21 1:37PM

My own edit- “The pandemic fucking sucks; ***hundreds of*** thousands of people have and are dying and everyone would all like it to be over as soon as possible” Read more

1/15/21 2:15PM

Absolutely it’s going to be fact-dependent, but the chance of showing ‘they knew, someone told them’ is absolutely zero if nobody tells them.

1/15/21 12:16PM

Someone I know referred to him as a “dead eyed fuck”. That’s all I can see now when I see him.

1/14/21 9:08PM

Soooo not the point of this article, I realize, but he’s always struck as someone who is conventionally attractive (if he’s your type), a decent actor...and in possession of no star quality whatsoever? As in, there’s no “it” factor. This vileness should at least make him more interesting, but it doesn’t even seem to Read more

1/14/21 6:54PM

There was a dude in my hometown who had a reputation for having this absolutely wild sex parties. I don't think he sought out minors or anything, but I would also bet some got in... And this dude just ran for senate. I was fucking floored when I heard he was running. That's not even skeletons in your closet, those are Read more

1/14/21 6:39PM

What the FUCK. Wow. That is wild. I mean, I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked by these things any more  and yet . . . oof.

1/14/21 6:28PM

Private, religious school that was already getting bad press, so they did their best to make the problem go away. And it did. Read more

1/14/21 6:03PM

Oh yes, very important to make people aware of this history of predatory behavior. It might be the thing that protects someone from becoming a victim.
A guy in my AA home group raped a sponsee of mine, causing her to relapse after decades of sobriety and to be hospitalized with a breakdown. Read more

1/14/21 4:07PM

I ran into this similarly recently. A former colleague who I know was “let go” for inviting a minor student to come talk to him where he then dropped his pants in front of her* is now running for city council type position in the new city he moved to. Super lefty, super progressive, such an organizer! But. . . also a Read more

1/14/21 3:19PM

I’m worried that, without receipts, someone from the dude’s distant past will not be taken seriously. Especially if they want to remain anonymous and protect the identity of the survivors. Absolutely DO NOT out your friends as “evidence.” Read more

1/04/21 2:06PM

Is J.K. Rolling a 20-something suburban American hipster who struts around wearing being ‘woke’ on their sleeve? No she isn’t. Read more

1/04/21 1:06PM

You’re right that people have been speaking against Rowling’s comments for a while, but that’s only because they have to. If people stopped defending her and her statements and if she stopped making statements entirely in-line with her original ones, people wouldn’t feel the need to keep “beating her up”. She could Read more

1/04/21 1:01PM

At this point, I’m really not sure why you think you have a relevant opinion on anything.

1/04/21 12:59PM

The original statement isn’t the problem. People read the statement, then asked for clarification, she made it clear how she felt. At that point, her fans tried to help her understand, and she told them off. She made it clear what her stance is several times over. Read more

12/17/20 12:40AM

“I personally agree with her” is not the same thing as there not being controversy.