6/12/21 12:34PM

Apparently the white students were allowed to make their speeches FIRST as well. Whatever teeny tiny bit of unwarranted sympathy anyone could have for either those white students or the school, this should squash it. Those poor girls had to WAIT to give their speeches so the white kids who took easier classes could go Read more

5/07/21 11:41PM

I feel like this is the best response to the issue. Even if the school does nothing with the letter, the OP will feel better about doing something.

5/05/21 4:15PM

Jane Addams did talk about how helping the poor gave purpose to her own life, but both her work and her writings show her dedication to helping others from a very young age, and her attitude toward the people she helped was incredibly different from the other people you mention in the article. Addams and her partner Read more

4/02/21 12:40PM

He looks like someone took a head, stretched it out in all directions, photoshopped a tiny Jack Nicholson face directly in the middle, and then squished the chin in for good measure.

2/17/21 3:22PM

I watched my grandfather die a slow and painful death from lung cancer. It was awful. It ate him from the inside of his lungs. He couldn't breathe. He called out for morphine until he couldn't talk anymore. Read more

12/22/20 12:08PM

Fucking Mitch McConnell. I hope that motherfucker gets a stroke that renders him completely incapacitated and unable to move or speak for the last years of his life but keeps his brain fully intact. And then I hope he gets bedsores and a horrible case of diaper rash that his nurses don’t bother to clear up. That is Read more

12/19/20 9:48PM

I remember finding some episodes of How Clean Is Your House a while back on YouTube, but I’m not sure if they’re still there. But there are a ton of YouTube videos that feature people cleaning up or cleaning out their homes, which I have also watched for inspiration from time to time. Some of them are better than Read more

12/17/20 6:21PM

After Ted Yoho called AOC a “fucking bitch,” I thought we were done with niceties. Let’s quit with the pretend play and be real. They are fuckers.

11/25/20 11:25AM

When Mitch dies, his body won’t even be cold before millions of people are partying in the street. I already have my plan in place: to bake a cake that reads “Rot in Hell Mitch You Motherfucking Piece of Shit.” And then I will eat it with the biggest grin. It will be such a great day.

10/05/20 3:13PM

I grew up with hippie homesteader parents in the 1970s. For years, we had no indoor toilet, only an outhouse. Do you know how many spiders and millipedes and house centipedes and other creepy crawly things like to live in outhouses? A LOT. Many of them live in the hole and get curious when someone’s ass blocks the Read more

6/13/20 3:25AM

In my twenties, I lived in a house that developed a pretty serious mouse problem. After trying more humane methods that didn’t work, my roommates and I finally gave up and used some poison, figuring the worst that would happen was that one of them might die in the wall or something. Then one night I went downstairs to Read more

5/12/20 9:00AM

I hope Trump, Pence, McConnell, and the Miller’s all get it, along with Lindsey Graham, AND I hope someone puts MSNBC on in their hospital rooms and forces them to watch acting President Nancy Pelosi enact law after law to create universal health care, institute a huge tax increase on the rich, reinstate and reinforce Read more

4/20/20 9:04PM

Nope! It wasn’t put down. Instead, he had to put the dog on a muzzle as well as a leash before he took it anywhere, and he had to build a solid fence on his property to shield me from the dog’s view. My neighbor opted to send the dog to a friend’s house for a year in addition to following all the rules once the dog Read more

4/19/20 3:39AM

I moved to NYC with my husband to go to grad school. Our first apartment was married student housing. We moved from a 900 sq ft apartment in a much smaller city into this bizarrely dark and creepy 300 sq ft apartment, down at the bottom of one of those apartment building wells where sunlight never penetrates. It was Read more

4/16/20 4:00PM

I would have as well, but this cake was truly smashed. It toppled as it fell and kind of squashed itself onto the floor. My dad didn't care. I think he was immune to germs from having grown up during the 1940s.