6/04/21 3:58PM

In Boston it’s slush, and the only place to get it (made right) is the North End (the Italian neighborhood) and the only flavor is lemon. And it’s perfect.

5/26/21 9:48AM

Thank you. I rewatched MASH a few years ago as an adult. Not only did it not age well, that shit wasn’t funny in the 1970s when it was made and the 1950s when it was supposed to occur. The womanizing and sexism were so obvious and prominent, that show didn’t have much else going for it aside from the war and whatever Read more

5/06/21 4:30PM

You’ll be ignored, but I would still advise writing it all down in a letter, getting a lawyer to proof your letter to avoid legal comeback, and sending it to the schoolboard through that layer’s legal service. It won’t get them fired, but it will make it easier for them to be dismissed or prosecuted if they do it Read more

5/05/21 4:52PM

I know, right? The hamster perspective on Board Meetings: “Too many people in hard shiny shoes. I need to find someone to carry me to these things before someone steps on me.” Read more

5/05/21 4:37PM

Back in the late 1990s, books by “Great Men”, defined as people who headed companies that made a lot of money, and they were ALL men, were thick on the ground. Every company that did well had a man in charge who thought his company did well because HE was in charge, and so his words were all people needed to become Read more

4/08/21 6:17PM

Yeah, we don’t have a ton of junk food in the house. We don’t keep soda in the house, mainly because neither my husband nor I like it all that much.. What I meant by what I said is that I don’t restrict his food - if he wants a snack, I let him have a snack. I don’t force him to eat his veggies if he doesn’t want Read more

4/04/21 12:46PM

It’s like all his features are too small for his giant fucking face. He’s horrifying.

4/02/21 11:06PM

Now I want someone to do a deepfake of Gaetz with the Dril face.

4/02/21 3:29PM

He looks like the winner of the “most likely to become famous for some some sleazy sex scandal and/or crime”...

12/17/20 3:12PM

“I am sorry I called them fuckers. What I meant was seditious fascists”

12/17/20 1:32AM

Reading the DM article, it’s clear that he wasn’t too happy with the attention or the doxing of his workplace. It’s the least bit of shame the MSM could do in memory of Daisy and her mum. Hope the POS didn’t beat his gf when he got home.

12/01/20 2:54PM

Do we expect him to be a spokesperson for this? Do we know he wants that?

6/17/20 6:33PM

I love how she says toward the end that if you see an officer just please say thank you because she really doesn’t hear thank you enough. Why are we supposed to thank cops? It’s a job. They get paid. They have excellent benefits. They didn’t get drafted into this. They’re not soldiers fighting some evil enemy on our Read more