Jun 17

I love how she says toward the end that if you see an officer just please say thank you because she really doesn’t hear thank you enough. Why are we supposed to thank cops? It’s a job. They get paid. They have excellent benefits. They didn’t get drafted into this. They’re not soldiers fighting some evil enemy on our Read more

Jun 14

This totally sounds like it would be a foreshadowing plot point in a Stephen King novel!

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Jun 13

I think the traditional pronunciation is “Douche Canoe”. Could be wrong though.

Jun 9

It was a brilliant speed driven declaration of filth and fury.   Loved it.

Hunter S Thompson raises a margarita in your direction somewhere out there, methinks.

May 2

I don’t necessarily believe Tara Reade and I don’t necessarily believe Joe Biden. What I do know is that Al Franken was pushed out of the Senate because of a VERY specific hit job based on some iffy “evidence” and that MFer is still in the WH after 18 very credible accusations (some of them with a paper trail.) I Read more

Apr 12

Damn kudos to your mom for piecing the potpouri poisioning together in real time.

Apr 12

Eating it anyway is a very dad move. My dad always “volunteered” to take the most burnt piece of whatever I was cooked (grilled cheese, barbecue chicken, lasagna) with much vocal martyr suffering. Read more

Mar 28

Celebs are desperate to remind us how essential they are, in a new world where they matter so much less than they ever have and yet still more than they ever should have.

Mar 21

I’m so glad to see this topic, especially since I’ve been melting down all over Jezebel the last few days over an emergency due to my son’s situation. Read more

Mar 5

I completely understand why she has dropped and I still broken. FUCK this country. This is the smartest, most competent, most capable and genuine candidate in the whole field but the ignorant voters want to keep the status quo and go with another goddamned old white guy. FUCK this country. Read more

Jan 7

Thank you for sharing. I had one at about 16 weeks due to a chromosomal abnormality as well. I underwent a series of tests, culminating in a traumatic CVS that solidified what I’m sure they already knew-that the pregnancy would not go to term. I was also lucky living in Oregon and felt supported, even by the doctors Read more

Jan 6

Thanks for sharing. I’m sorry you had to go through that. It fucking sucks!! Like someone in the piece said - it’s rage-inducing.

Jan 6

People aren’t terminating pregnancies because of imperfections. The three I know did it because two of the babies had chromosomal abnormalities and several serious birth defect and the third had an untreatable heart condition that would mean death within moments of being born. These three pregnancies were very wanted Read more

Jan 6

More stories like this. One thing I’ve noticed in the abortion debate is that people often bring out “rape, incest or the mother’s life being in danger” as the holy trifecta of reasons anyone should condone abortion. Fetal abnormalities are almost always missing, but they are the reason behind the vast majority of Read more