6:02 PM

I would totally motorboat Moses. He could use some fun.
No one has ever seen an image of Mo, so I don’t know about him.
The Awakened One had nothing against getting laid and never claimed to be a deity..he was a very mortal one percenter who went off the royal compound and did his thing.
These days I’m inclined to throw Read more

9:36 AM

I had a shitty time getting up to my inlaws while heavily pregnant last year, but no pre-eclampsia. Instead, we arrived to an awful air mattress that we needed to inflate and deflate daily in case my father in law felt like using his study while we were there (his office was 0.5 mi away). My husband’s siblings arrived Read more

11:01 AM

Holy cannoli! That sounds miserable and I’m glad it eventually ended with you and baby ok!! I lost 27 pounds of water the week after I came home from my c-section and it was fascinating and very weird to basically lose a size daily. I didn’t have pre-eclampsia but they put a LOT of fluid in me during my long labor, Read more

12:04 AM

Twenty or so years ago, I and my four brothers are at my grandmother’s house in a wealthy suburb of Boston. Our unmedicated, bipolar mother is there, and she’s agitated and starting to drink (she went through periods of thinking God had cured her of her bipolarity and would then abandon her meds, and why not a week Read more

11:40 PM

Oh my lord—I was so completely sympathizing with you about wrangling your kids that I forgot that you mentioned at the beginning you were pregnant. I wish you all the pie and none of the stress this Thanksgiving.

4:30 PM

America can develop, in 18 months time, a war machine to stop the Nazis. JFK says “hey, let’s go to the fucking moon” and 9 years later it happens.  But somehow the idea that all our citizens should be able to go to the doctor or college is an impossibility that is totally crazy to even suggest. The only thing that Read more

4:04 PM

I spent the morning sitting in an ER waiting room (fortunately everything’s fine now), and there was a TV playing CNBC right above me. Everybody kept going back to Warren and (to a lesser extent) Sanders and the “War on Wealth.” Read more

12:39 PM

So friends, I was there. I booed. We were all ready for it. Woman in front of me had an “IMPEACH 45" shirt on, another man had a shirt that said “End Windmill Cancer.” Around the 4th inning of every Nats game, they do a salute to troops who are attending the game, they roll the camera to the service men and women, and Read more

7:29 PM

I was working as a cocktail waitress in a topless bar, and it was exactly as tedious, gross, and demoralizing as you would imagine it to be. One night, I went to close out a table of older men, and when they started talking in front of me about what to tip me. One of them turned to me and said “Honey, here’s a tip for Read more

11:47 PM

I feel like I have to make the obligatory “gift of fear” garbage comment but it’s so true!!!!! Sometimes you just know!!!!

3:08 PM

I believe she will do 2 things for her defense. 1. Blame John C from the WSJ for writing Bad Blood and the WSJ article exposing Theranos. 2. She will claim Theranos was a failed start up company, and claiming that happens all of the time.

11:02 AM

I *really* want to laugh at this bullshit, but I'm immunocompromised so fuck Becky with the full cup.