Sunday 2:27PM

I shouldn’t have to sift through the whole article to find the link in question. 

Friday 5:44PM

Because no one is going to give you 5 billion dollars to just shoot them out of the sky... you’ve got to over-develop the hell out of the solution if you want to score a big budget!

6/11/21 12:00PM

You know that Acura has seen some shit. The path from being driven home by a senior level manager to carting around meth heads and stolen cats is not for the faint of heart. And since it’s a Honda, it probably has another decade of human tragedy ahead of it.

6/11/21 11:48AM

Need to crack down on the places buying these. Cut out the demand

6/10/21 1:54PM

I do. Go comment in a different thread if you are not interested in NASCAR.

6/10/21 10:24AM

Lol are you kidding me? My Mini Cooper trunk holds 6 bags of groceries. A 4'4" bed is a CAVERN to most people not used to a full-size truck bed. Heck, it’s only about a foot shorter than the beds most truck drivers are used to (since crew cab short beds are the most commonly sold truck).

6/10/21 10:15AM

I’m an older outdoorsy type and drive a sedan but that’s exactly what I want it for. Throw my hiking, running, or biking gear into the bed and rinse it down once I get back home. Instead of what I currently do which is put the rear seats down and awkwardly load my bike sans front tire into the trunk and putting my Read more

6/10/21 10:05AM

IDK about that. The Maverick is smaller in every dimension with a far more up to date interior and should ride much better. The seat height and stepover height are most assuredly many inches lower than the Ranger’s given its relation to the Escape and Bronco Sport. Additionally, even in its least efficient powertrain, Read more

6/10/21 9:53AM

Yeah, i thought of the sport-trac as well but i think the world has changed since then. Not sure its an apples ot apples comparison. Basically, the Maverick is Fords econobox car replacing the fiesta/focus w/a form factor that Americans love.

6/08/21 7:31PM

Deadspin was rebooted by new owners Great Hills four times at this point, currently staffed by a skeleton crew of Jim Rich’s four friends from Tribune Corp and a handful of underpaid freelancers. They’re prefectly nice people doing their best, but it sure ain't the Deadspin anyone read or loved.

6/08/21 4:27PM

Okay so here’s the thing: The ragequit was immature and could be chalked up to age...but defending it and refusing to apologize afterwards is what turns it in to bullshit. Read more

6/08/21 4:27PM

And as your teacher, I would show you the percentage of all Gamers who are actually making a living out of it and encourage you to at least use education as a plan B. And no, I don’t have those numbers ready, because I am not your teacher. lol

6/08/21 3:58PM

Its not any of the same people at all. I haven't been there in a while but I'm pretty sure they even have commenting turned off on their stories.

6/08/21 12:33PM

I really really really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wish Deadspin was still alive to see their take on this fight.

6/08/21 10:59AM

It must be infuriating for boxers working tirelessly to get to the top of the boxing world in their respective weight class only to be completely ignored by the general public, while a youtuber and a has-been get all the attention

6/08/21 10:51AM

Yeah but he wouldn’t hit me because I’m not a woman.