2/10/21 10:59AM

Fortunately you asked what my favorite is, not what the best one is. This stands as my personal favorite for nostalgia reasons.

1/08/21 3:42PM

reduced lateral rigidity by 25 percent”


10/20/20 4:33PM

Ahh ok. Hope you had a chance to take that monster down Ravine or Douglas at least once. I can’t say I know many other good riding roads in the area. If you’re ever in need of a jump or anything in the kzoo area I’m down to help out.

9/09/20 3:56PM

Right: Tawna from Crash 1 Middle: Tawna from the N. Sane Trilogy Left: Tawna from Crash 4"

Think you got your left and right swapped there in your header image caption.

3/21/19 8:46PM

Their reason to exist is that people pay lots of money for them.

1/11/19 7:39PM

Lol calm down. I live in the US, ride, and use the term motorcycle/motorbike interchangeably. People have opinions/view points outside of your own, angry man.

11/10/18 1:38PM

I’m more confident in my tastes and willing to go against the grain. Case in point: I’d drive a prius. Why? I like motorcycles but live in the midwest so distances are far, weather is unpredictable, and the long winters are harsh. I love the idea of having a crazy efficient and cheap car that I can lean on for when Read more

10/04/18 11:43PM

Actual answer with information: sponsoring some gaming teams, such as BIG’s CS:GO team
Read more

6/28/18 3:09PM

Close, but not quite. The optimal layout for that truck was the Xtra Cab. Maintain the two door look, but have a smidge more interior cargo space or room for more than two people in a pinch.

6/06/18 12:39AM

Life is inherently political. Complain less.

5/28/18 3:01PM

Counterpoint: my Honda Powersports dealer watch that comes complete with oil can storage/display. Technically a Fossil and came in at well under $100. Thanks again @Cory