Maxine Shaw, attorney at LOL
Jan 25

This is just so wrong. I am old enough to remember my sister buying their first album with the old Spinderalla. She has always been apart of that group, in every video, album cover, concert etc. If  the rest of the group don’t want to split the song writing credits or whatever, fair enough, but they can’t act like she Read more

Oct 19

Yeah, like the old Russian sailor proverb goes “Pray to God but row to shore”

Oct 17

Eh, how hard is it to just not cheat on your f*ckin taxes!? All that money and he had to STILL be greedy, and shady? If Trump and Barr were not so busy trying to get re-elected/steal this election, this fool would have been drawn and quartered. He knew better. Read more

Sep 23

Removing their accreditation, or disallowing NCAA competition until VMI renounced the confederacy would be another way to force change.

Sep 21

Thank you for saying what no one else will. RBG was old and sick before Obama was even elected. Clinton appointed a 60 year old woman to the SCOTUS instead of someone in their 40s. Then she got colon cancer. Then she got pancreatic cancer before Obama’s first term was up. Did she not Google the survival stats on that Read more

Sep 16

That the city has any hands-off policy makes me wonder how much a squeegee for every Black resident would cost.

Sep 16

The “funny” thing is, I could go to my OB/GYN and demand a hysterectomy because I have no plans to use my uterus and never have, and they would refuse to do so (I’ve tried) because there is no medical reason and they swear an oath to “first do no harm”. So, an unnecessary hysterectomy with consent is obscene, but a Read more

Sep 14

The A-plot with Ruby was really incredible and well-done, one of the best storylines this show has done so far. Wunmi Mosaku is amazing in this role, and I’m so glad she’s gotten to take centre stage as Ruby. On the other hand, I really really wasn’t feeling Montrose’s subplot this episode. Everything he does and Read more

Sep 10

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s excellent production aside, the actual Hamilton can choke on a bag of you-know-whats for his promotion and defenses of the electoral college that tossed us into alternate universe hell holes in 1824, 1876, 1888, 2000, and 2016. Read more

Sep 10

I’ll leave the room to go to the bathroom or get another drink, strut back and sing, “What did I miss?!”

Aug 10

Apparently, there were at least 100 police officers just blocks away guarding Trump Tower. The head of the Chicago police union is MAGA-on-steroids. I say the police deliberately let them have the stores so they’d have propaganda video to scare rich, white people, while the police could say they valiantly guarded the Read more

Jul 7

I mean none of this was news. For crying out loud the man can’t name you one friend he has. Not one. He is devoid of any emotions, he can’t admit failure or that he was wrong. I told everyone to watch the documentary “Who Killed The USFL?” Hint it was the fat loser who wanted to go head to head with The NFL and had no Read more

May 22

I think this is pretty much spot on. I loved Stringer, but his ego blinded him to the real threats, along with his burning desire to ‘go legit’ Criminals for years have tried the ‘go legit’ thing and it almost never, ever works out. If the foundation is bad, the house is going to fall over at some point, because shit, Read more

Dec 17 2014

I think you'll find the "Good White Person" of this essay is much like the "Nice Guy". The "Good White Person" is trying to take over the narrative and get credit for their good whiteness, rather than support those whose narrative it is. Those who are decent human beings with white skin can be appalled and disgusted Read more