Feb 6 2018

Theoretically fastest bike that still meets UCI’s antiquated definition of what a bicycle is. I think it would be fun to watch a “run what you brung” version of the Tour. The only stipulation would be that you had to ride the same bike for all stages of the race. If you brought a streamliner or recumbent for an Read more

Jan 9 2018

“catchy” as in “I’d rather catch leprosy than keep on listening to it” kind of chatchy??

Oct 6 2017

Yellow lights, delrin shift knob, wood wheel. I’m thinking there’s a mechanical issue that vaping couldn’t fix.

Oct 2 2017

It has potential, but I remain skeptical about the no rust claim. It’s a 20 year old car in Michigan, after all.

Sep 25 2017

That’s how he seduced all the young women in his office. Gotta talk like the kids to get them in bed.

Sep 19 2017

I am against people committing violence against others purely due to political differences. Read more

Sep 12 2017

Thus far the 5S has been my favorite iphone due to it’s size. It is much easier to OPPO on my 7 though because it has a much bigger screen. The 7 is much faster than my 5 as well. I usually get the newest phone that is currently available and use it about 3-4 years and don’t get too hung up on features as long as it Read more

Sep 12 2017

I’ve got an SE and I don’t see my self dumping it any time soon. While some may consider it small, and I guess it is by today’s standards, I think it’s the perfect size. And for now at least, it works just fine.

Sep 9 2017

My dad had a good Milwaukee... still does, actually. Pretty tired now, but hey it’s been around the block many times. Got to be at least 30 years old at this point. Was still the best drill we had up until the last few years. Read more

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