Nov 18 2019

I don’t care how’s it made...but if you’re going to charge me a $180 for a cheese knife it better supply that much more usability over a $15 one...and I’m suspecting this has $0 more usability. 

Nov 18 2019

PREACH. I like my immediate team for the most part, but I generally get the feeling they only put up with me. And that’s FINE. I don’t want to be BFFs with my coworkers

Nov 18 2019

I always love when the best defense companies can seem to muster is, “Hey we don’t have anything written down and notarized in the employee handbook, so obviously it can’t have happened.”
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Jun 24 2019

I can totally understand not giving cash directly to homeless people. OTOH, for a person buying the food you make in order to give it to homeless people?  Yeah, if your business/organization doesn’t like this, then that business/organization definitely falls into the category of  what is called ‘paying lip service to Read more

May 23 2019

I don’t think we could’ve picked a more unlikable First Amendment advocacy vessel than this rapey, misogynistic, thumb-on-the-scale-of-the-2016-election piece of shit. Which is precisely why the administration is going to succeed in assailing those freedoms.

Apr 26 2019

At first I was impressed—a considerate, respectful vegan actually went out of their way to not inconvenience anyone else, make a fuss about everything, and make it all about themselves? Wow, that’s a man-bites-dog if I’ve ever read one. Read more

Apr 23 2019

I don’t actually agree with the premise of this tweet, but it made me laugh like a hyena nonetheless.

Apr 12 2019

Honestly, middle schoolers should be banned from all public spaces. 

Apr 10 2019

Because the assumption is the waitstaff does this for a fucking living every day that they work...You’re going out to eat FAR less frequently, to a variety of places, with numerous different servers.  So you being a cheapskate say once a week saves you, what $500/year?  The server could lose that in 2 weeks to cheap Read more

Mar 28 2019

I’ll be honest, this is actually my most anticipated movie of the first half of 2019. Even more so than Captain Marvel and Endgame. I have been a Godzilla fan since I saw my first kaiju movie in the mid-60s. I have more Godzilla related collectibles than any other pop culture themes.

Mar 5 2019

Straws can help avoid staining your teeth. Read more

Straws can help avoid staining your teeth.