“someone else died for reasons tied to you being involved with them” Read more

My girlfriend and I were ambushed by her ex. She was shot 6 times and killed after I took the first round to the chest and was left for dead. The novelty dogtag I wore around my neck deflected a .357 round from less than 10 yds, sent it sideways through my chest cavity, where it exited and entered my arm and lodged in Read more

Takeo Spikes should donate some of his neck to this poor young man. Read more

All I think about is training. I want to train so hard that police have to arrest me when I lift weights because when I lift them I throw them into space and that is theft or at least destruction of property in many many states but my defense attorney also trains extremely hard so I usually get out of the charges and Read more

One of the things I liked about TFA is that at no point did they sexualize Rey, who is obviously played by an attractive woman. Like to think Carrie Fisher had some kind of influence on that. Read more

Yeah, my favorite part in Return of the Jedi was when Leia snapped that slug’s neck. We were not worthy of you Princess. Read more

I’m with you. These are, for the most part, gorgeous. Read more

I can’t be the only person on the planet who saw these and thought ‘holy hell, they’re beautiful!’ but I accept that I might be in a minority. The fish (shark?) with the rotary jaws looks Paleolithic. I mean that literally. It looks like a protoshark. And that starfish at the bottom looks like it was aiming for coral Read more

These deep sea creatures represent very sparse, widely separated populations and many are bottom dwellers. These rare individuals are typically old and grow very slowly because of the limited food in the deep dark, so a disruption of that ecosystem will take a very long time to heal. Read more

“See this is why can’t let women around Italians.” - better advice Read more

You’re in dire need of a hug. Read more

“Marcus is struggling with algebra but the extra credit assignemnts bring his grade back up to an A”
Read more

Knowing full well that the 675LT barely had enough clearance to make it over a stack of Pogs

It’s practically a de facto rule! Read more

Well, which then begs the question: what’s “super-attractive”? If it were just supermodels getting laid, we’d be extinct as a species. Sure, being rich helps some incredibly “ugly” folks—and I’m talking ugly personalities here—but, really, these kinds of people are just treating each other like objects, and most of us Read more

Did TahoeSTi misuse an apostrophe? “That’s” is a conjunction of “that is”, which works in the sentence. I’m not trying to be snarky, I’m wondering if I’ve missed something. Read more

You also like to harass college athletes. Quite professional.

So close to a Linkin Park lyric. Come on Kevin! Also thank you for the explanation. Read more

Agree, the city is cluttered and random in certain areas, particularly near major highways. It’s ugly. The flip side is there are many upscale residential neighborhoods (Houston is 55% as large in land area as all of Rhode Island) with ample housing supply — almost all built in the last 30 years — at low cost. Read more