All of these jokes made me yaw-n Read more

It’s one of the Bryans, Rajeev Ram, or Jack Sock. Read more

Maximum points to Mom for forcing “goes up the flagpole” into an interview about her daughter’s porn DVD. Read more

I need to know if this is true. Read more

At second glance, it looks to me that Alcantara looks up at the winger, sees the space, and drops a soft pass into it for the winger to collect. The giveaway: absolutely none of the players in shot move forwards, and instead are waiting for the inevitable backwards pass from the winger. Read more

Nope. Unfortunately the ads are even more eye-burningly bright inside the stadium. At Old Trafford I often can’t see players stood near the advertisements as the screens are brighter than the surface of the sun. Read more

Santa, as always at this time of year, showing good pace and movement. The difficulty for his agent however lies in explaining his inconsistent appearances through the rest of the season. Read more

How on Earth did “ him the business” not make it into that section? Read more

This is the opportunity all of our cats have been waiting for. Read more

“...believe in climate change” is super misleading and gives intellectual space to idiots. It’s something to be accepted based upon the evidence. Nothing to do with belief. Read more

Zidane/Figo who-is-better was a real debate then. Read more

Yeah agree. Also, how do they measure those “6 min read” things? I see a 15 minuter and ultimately receive about 120 seconds of waffle. Read more

Check with the meat thermometer. Read more

This is a classic case of trying to impress pre parent-teacher meeting. Read more

Again proving that people who use the words “de facto” don't usually know what they're talking about. Read more

Still in a better condition than Matt Harvey’s arm. Read more

You sound like a guy who never had sex at a party. Read more

If Ukraine your neck you can see where the “original momentum” ended. The officials were just russian to make the call. Crimea river Lions. Read more