Isn’t robot horse racing just NASCAR? Read more

We need commonsense impact gun control! Read more

That’s Illinois’ state flower. Read more

Nah, that’s just someone still claiming dibs on a parking spot they dug out on Lake Shore Drive Read more

it correctly summarizes how chicago in general addresses any issue. Read more

Not quite (the linked video had something happening in the first 15 minutes). Read more

Very kind of you to write your own poem about this magnificent vehicle Read more

“Also, per school policy, the dog has been expelled” Read more

No more basketballs for him EVER. Read more

Wow, that’s fucked up. He made a mistake, sure, but he doesn’t deserve to have his basketballs ruined. Read more

“We commend Ishmael for not taking his frustrations out on another human like many of our athletes previously would have. This is another step in the right direction for Baylor athletics.” - new Baylor AD Read more

That one might not be real, but this is:

Anybody else notice that it says DEFENDERP across the hood? Read more

That’s a bit steep for a Miyota movement, that’s basically what you get in your run of the mill Citizen watch for $700-800 less. That strap, i had on a watch when i was twelve.

...I paid $2900 for my car. I’m glad you seem to have a large amount of disposable income, but to claim that “1100.00 for a watch isnt (sic) that much” is factually inaccurate. Read more

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Here’s a nearly seven minute of video of the Lancia Delta S4 from someone who knows better than to play music over Group B rally car sounds.

Does the bezel randomly fly off and eviscerate anyone standing nearby? No? Then I fail to see the connection with Group B. Read more