Feb 12 2019

That’s the hardest-working cone in the business, folks

Nov 27 2018

Just when I think they’ve perfected targeted advertising...

Jul 23 2018

There’s a huge question that goes unanswered here (unless i missed it) - with a ‘90 Miata it’s crucial to know if the motor is a “short-nose” or “long-nose” crank. They started off making the 1.6 with a crank keyway prone to failure (known as the “death wobble”), and fixed it partway through ‘90.

With the short-nose Read more

Jun 19 2016

Porsche’s advertising team knows no mercy

Apr 19 2016

Being from Philly, I laughed out loud at this part

Apr 5 2016

Brutal, subtle, and accurate. 10/10 internet burn would read again

Apr 5 2016

Sure, Russians may have made it - but apparently not without the influence of this man:

Apr 5 2016

It is a true delight to hear such disparate accents say “Arcidiacono”

Jan 19 2016

“...a community that has more grace and respect than you could imagine, trust me - it may be especially hard to imagine when that community taunts you by waving their flag directly in your face.”

Sep 14 2015

“The comment section is not social media.” is what I learned today, and fair enough. I still feel like if somebody posted “tl;dr but totally fuck these people”, they wouldn’t catch any flack/banhammer...but I’ll stfu, stop whining, and get back to my comfort zone of reading commenters who make dick jokes

Sep 13 2015

This made me intensely sad and angry out of nowhere. I hope you’re not seriously banning people for criticizing, no matter how inane their criticism is. It’s frustrating enough to see how impossible it is to stop the deadspin/kinja hate train when it gets rolling, if you’re just handing out bans left and right for Read more

Jul 23 2015

Please more of this and less of Haisley’s endless US-bashing pessimism! <3

Jun 2 2015

Missed the first U and really thought this GIF was going to spell “S-A-U-S-A-G-E”

May 15 2015

This is the whole truth. It should be illegal to own a car in Chicago without owning snow tires. Also, potholes/cops/traffic/and let’s not forget the fact that the whole damn state is flat and boring to drive. Read more

Apr 21 2015

A Sequoia...and a Malibu...

Now I know how they made the Traverse

Apr 5 2015

Do you know what a clever wordplay joke is? I get the feeling from reading this that maybe you don’t.

Jan 29 2015

What crack are you smoking to call this the USA's A-team?!?! We had TWO of our foreign league players, one of which was Bobby fucking Wood. We had Miguel Ibarra, from Minnesota United! Are you suggesting that MLSers and NASLers are better than, say, Bundesliga players?

No: Tim Howard, John Brooks, Fabian Johnson, Read more