Dec 14

I was way into the first Planetside but the freemium structure of the second game turned me off. I would have rather paid $60 or a subscription fee. 

Dec 13

So to explain this slightly, Nomada Studio (who created Gris) is made up of ex-Ubisoft employees that used to work on Rainbow Six Siege. So it seems to me it’s less about the game itself and just the current Rainbow Six Siege team showing support to former coworkers and friends.

Nov 8

I mean fair enough. What you say is all true but it’s kind of the price to pay for escapism in the world we live in. Read more

Nov 7

then there is of course the fact that she steals all her design ideas from Small time dice makers who can’t afford to do large runs through chinese factories

Nov 7

Hey Mike there are current accusations of this Kickstarter stealing dice designs from other Dice Creators on Twitter. 

Nov 1

wild that the first good video game ever made also generated the best game review i’ve ever read

Oct 30

I’m just here to tell Jim Spanfeller, Paul Maidment and the rest of the cowards to get fucked.

Oct 30

Sticking it to powerful people who are fucking up a good thing with disingenuous pleas to “avoid controversy” and “stick to sports” is a good thing.

Oct 26

So let me get this straight. The Jets would have rather played an injured player who can’t give 100% than a healthy player at 100%. Read more

Oct 25

If it’s aiming for the realism of war, the part where you abandon the rebels to be ethnically cleansed should be interesting.

Oct 18

Reading Yankee fans on Twitter? Was the cheese grater on your junk not getting it done?

Oct 18

Translation: “We’re not going to be very good, so Zion’s going to sit until all of the early season tickets that were sold already just to see Zion are used, then he will debut so we can sell some more.”