What year is that?
7:47 PM

Current Hertz employee here. Contrary to popular belief these are probably the best taken care of used rentals you can buy. Unless something went really wrong at some point, these aren’t getting into the hands of the weekend traveler who reserved a Yaris, they’re being rented by people who actually are willing to fork Read more

7:55 AM

252.02 (3),(4) and (6).

(3)The department may close schools and forbid public gatherings in schools, churches, and other places to control outbreaks and epidemics.

(4) Except as provided in ss. 93.07 (24) (e) and 97.59, the department may promulgate and enforce rules or issue orders for guarding against the Read more

8:03 AM

...except once they found out how truly bad it was, that talk disappeared. And you can’t find a single Dem stating “it will just go away, like a miracle” not to mention any of them blaming everybody but themselves while telling Americans to get back to work asap. Read more

7:27 PM

I can’t imagine a brand I will miss less than Harley Davidson. It just represents so much that sucks. Shitty licensing agreements, shitty products, shitty owners, shitty culture, shitty management, shitty everything.

So from the younger Americans to the small peen boomers that have propped up this company so long I Read more

5:33 PM

She was thinking she’s an adult and should be able to do what she likes in her personal time.
She was also thinking she had bills to pay.

5:33 PM

Yeah man, got to make sure technicians aren’t *checks notes* making a side income in a completely unrelated field.

3:22 PM

The ethanol subsidy is one of my big peeves. Congress mandates that X billion gallons of the shit is made every year, but then it’s subsidized. What a goddamn racket.

3:30 PM

Bicycles are permitted, even required, to be on the roads in most urban settings. It is the responsibility of car drivers to share the road with them. Yes, some riders ignore traffic signals but by and large most cyclists don’t die because they ran a stop sign and got hit by a car. Usually they get run over while Read more

4:52 PM

I grow produce every year. If I needed to rely on what I grow every year for my family to survive, we would starve.  Besides, it’s too damn early for planting most crops in Michigan.  I live in Ohio.  The whole seed story is BS.