What year is that?
11:15 AM

I worked on LNG tanks for a bit, would use stainless antisieze on EVERY nut, stud, bolt, screw, you name it. It was night and day difference working on a flange that it had been applied to vs one that didn’t. And I’m talking like 30-40 years never been touched.
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11:51 AM

Had my Samsung sound bar with wireless sub that I paired with wireless speakers to achieve the same thing for over a year now with great success and use. All under $450, sounds good and easy set up.
Sonos and now Roku are not the only options.

10:15 AM

The Ruckus is no way a niche group. Still selling like hot cakes in/around cities and tourist locals. 

9:59 AM

Worth mentioning, with jacks/jack stands and even more so ramps, chock the wheels! Read more

Worth mentioning, with jacks/jack stands and even more so ramps, chock the wheels!

9:56 AM

Absolutely disagree.

I get my oil from Walmart, even good synthetic 5qt jug is around $20 plus another 5 for filter. That alone at just about every shop is $60+
Disposal is free at almost every place that sells oil. Most states it’s law to accept it if you sell it.

Already have wrenches and throw in the price of the Read more

Absolutely disagree.

I get my oil from Walmart, even good synthetic 5qt jug is around $20 plus another 5 for filter.

1:16 PM

What you forgot to mention is that prior to this, the man asked the woman to not recline all the way. She refused and had some words as well which lead to the FA giving the man a free drink when she complained.

Lets not pretend she is an innocent victim here.. Now I wouldn’t go punching the back of the seat but on a Read more

10:28 AM

Not all that impressive but I was very pleased how well the bales of moss, soil and out-of-sight paving stones fit in the bed while still allowing the tonneau to close.

10:24 AM

NP only for the fact at how amazingly clean and unmolested it is! 
And nostalgia...

But seriously, it’s been kept remarkably well and almost impossible to find a clean example not be-ridden by countless ‘mods’ (which I whole heartedly added too....)

Sold my 05 that was half as clean, modded up and 165k on the clock a Read more

9:15 AM

Is anybody else concerned in how absolutely MASSIVE these trucks are becoming??

The lifted z71 Tahoe is freaking tall! The moms and people stupid enough to buy these when they really don’t need anything near that large have no place piloting these behemoths. Let alone not being able to any bit around these in traffic Read more

3:15 PM

When my parents met in the late 70's/early 80's my dad drove a Mustang Pace car and my mom had a rx-7. So started from the beginning.

Growing up the first one I remember was Porsche 944 tt’d and raced and then a 930 wide-body convertible in midnight purple *drool*

Been various Porsches, BMWs and others until his final Read more

3:56 PM

From an ex-gf Audiologist: let warm water flow into your ear (tilt your head) while in the shower. Do that and it naturally warms and flows the wax out.

8:51 AM

It’s strange but I’ve seen several Supras around but no BMWs yet around NH.

Stranger yet, seen a couple different Supras in a smaller, not so affluent, town I work in... Read more

2:10 PM

The temp worker thing is definitely not a GM or even auto industry only thing. It’s called a contractor everywhere else.

I’ve been in engineering and medical device companies that half the force were contract employees, some for years. The company just keeps rotating through contractors cause they get fed up with lower Read more

10:31 AM

I disagree.

Around here, there are at least 4 HD dealers within ~40 miles of me. There’s also a large bike week location not too far.
Even now getting deeper into the fall, roughly 2/3 of the bikes I see on the road still are HDs and of those more than 75% totally fit the stereotypical look, and attitude. During the Read more

10:06 AM

Few years back now, lived in north central Mass, worked in Lynn (metro Boston) and went to school at night in Lowell.
From home to work was about 45 miles each way, an hour without traffic but come on,that never happens... So about 1:30 to work normally, then an hour to Lowell for school at night and then another 30 Read more

11:46 AM

I don’t think they have their records right. There’s been high priced spots even around US. Hell this was even a Kinja post a couple years ago:
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