Mary, Mary, Knotty Pine
Nov 13 2015

My top two underrated comedies are Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Goods. Also where the fuck is The Jerk on that list above. “I grew up a poor black child.”

Nov 13 2015

I’m wrong? Are you perhaps being a little subjective? As is in there is an objective correct and incorrect gauge on what is funny? Think again.

Nov 13 2015

I won’t call bullshit about the diversity, but I will call bullshit on whether or not the quality of these hold up. Some Like It Hot and Strangelove will be is funny 50 years from now as they were 50 years ago. Super Troopers is stoner garbage. That movie is terrible. Friday’s funny.

Nov 13 2015

Saw Hot Fuzz recently. Good movie. Nowhere near as funny as Shawn of the Dead tho.

Nov 13 2015

Do NOT understand why people find Zoolander funny. Ben Stiller hasn’t been funny since the Ben Stiller Show.

Nov 11 2015

So, I’m stuck in the grays and no one will ever see this, but: I have some real problems with this article. The tone is oddly sensationalizing and it focuses on a lot of random and unimportant deatils in a way that seems pearl-clutching and even, at times, strangely un-feminist for Jezebel. Read more

Nov 7 2015

Not directly related, but I always found interesting how Colonel Sanders (or “Uncle Kentucky” as he’s known in Japan) is viewed in Japan.

My favorite anecdote is how celebrating Hanshin Tigers Baseball fans threw a local Colonel Sanders prop into a river after winning the Japan Series title in 1985... prompting a Read more

Nov 4 2015

Thank you! I eventually came to that realization after a couple years of asking myself why he did it, hoping for an apology, eventually telling myself I knew what I was sticking around for, to ultimately just saying “fuck him” and hoping nothing but the worst for him. I definitely never did anything like that again Read more

Nov 3 2015

Two ees is feminine. AND NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BEATEN. NO ONE. Being bitchy and small? Well, you were bitchy and small. That does not make you worthy of nothing but being a psycho’s punching bag.