Unless you're me
May 23

Mine was my brother. When we were teenagers we were really close, had a lot of the same friends, played in bands together, etc. He was older and moved out first to a nearby city and I’d often visit on the weekends. After a few life events I decided to move to the city and we’d live together and hang out all the time, Read more

May 1

I was at a fair that was in this city park area eating a caramel apple with crushed peanuts on it when I saw, in the middle of the sidewalk and not avoiding people at all, a squirrel that had no fur below its chest. Just porky piggin’ it. It was standing still but reaching out to people as they walked by as if it were Read more

Apr 15

My girlfriend at the time and I were punks visiting NYC from Ohio. While we still dressed pretty “punk” New York style was a different you know. this was probably in 2002 or so. I don’t remember what my girlfriend bought at Trash and Vaudeville, but when she was paying she mentioned to Jimmy we were from Ohio and she Read more

Mar 13

My sister-in-law is bi-polar/borderline personality/I’m not a psychiatrist but she blows her life up completely every couple years or so and completely flips out when people don’t fix it all for her by supplying her with endless money and/or resources that you don’t actually have, but to her if someone appears to be Read more

Feb 22

The worst thing I saw wasn’t on the plane, but at the gate in the airport. It was like 5 am and as I’m for my approaching my gate I see a little toy drone flying around and I’m thinking “please don’t let that be my gate” and of course it was. There sat a 50 something year old manin a Dr Who t shirt who looked like the Read more

Feb 22

One time I was on a flight from the east coast to the west coast and the plane was pretty empty. The fight attendant said when the plane reaches cruising altitude, people can sit wherever they want. My row was full though and I had a window seat, which I did not want to give up. We reached cruising altitude and Read more

Jan 29

Actually learn something and have future behavior reflect what she learned. That’s all anyone can and should do in situations like this, especially if they claim to actually care.

Dec 11

Saying Michelle Obama and Ellen are only friendly with George W Bush because he’s just kinda “around” insinuates that they are stupid, or at the very least naive, which they aren’t. Powerful people do not live in the same world as we do and do not follow the same rules as the rest of us. They understand that you don’t Read more

Dec 8

It also bothered me how she callously vilified these (admittedly poorly behaved) children who were obviously a product of neglectful alcoholic parenting. You’re not gonna run into too many teenagers whose parents are in the process of drinking themselves to death who are polite and well adjusted. The only thing the Read more

Dec 6

I’m a 4.5... I don’t necessarily want to eat that cartilage but it does happen sometimes 

Dec 4

They’re not running because they’re egotistical billionaires with saviour complexes; they’re running to try to knock out Sanders and Warren. They’re running for their own bottom lines just like trump. There is no altruism there. Their causes are a cynical smokescreen to convince people that it might be ok to elect Read more

Oct 30

I never knew how to interpret his reaction. I couldn’t tell if it was “you wouldn’t understand”, “I’m burdened with this knowledge, and I don’t want to burden you with it”, “I promised I wouldn’t say what we talked about”, or “some fucked up stuff is gonna happen to you, and you don’t need to know”. Read more

Oct 30

seriously. also, the whole “I usually do my makeup in the rearview and drive too fast on my way to work, BUT I SWEAR I WASN’T DOING IT THAT DAY!!!”