Unless you're me
8:14 PM

Saying Michelle Obama and Ellen are only friendly with George W Bush because he’s just kinda “around” insinuates that they are stupid, or at the very least naive, which they aren’t. Powerful people do not live in the same world as we do and do not follow the same rules as the rest of us. They understand that you don’t Read more

1:46 PM

It also bothered me how she callously vilified these (admittedly poorly behaved) children who were obviously a product of neglectful alcoholic parenting. You’re not gonna run into too many teenagers whose parents are in the process of drinking themselves to death who are polite and well adjusted. The only thing the Read more

4:02 PM

I’m a 4.5... I don’t necessarily want to eat that cartilage but it does happen sometimes 

8:23 AM

They’re not running because they’re egotistical billionaires with saviour complexes; they’re running to try to knock out Sanders and Warren. They’re running for their own bottom lines just like trump. There is no altruism there. Their causes are a cynical smokescreen to convince people that it might be ok to elect Read more

6:19 PM

The second the wheels leave the runway I’m standing in the aisle like a ski jumper

5:57 PM

I never knew how to interpret his reaction. I couldn’t tell if it was “you wouldn’t understand”, “I’m burdened with this knowledge, and I don’t want to burden you with it”, “I promised I wouldn’t say what we talked about”, or “some fucked up stuff is gonna happen to you, and you don’t need to know”. Read more

11:42 AM

seriously. also, the whole “I usually do my makeup in the rearview and drive too fast on my way to work, BUT I SWEAR I WASN’T DOING IT THAT DAY!!!”

3:51 PM

Every Sunday when I was a kid my dad would take my brothers, sister, and me to visit my great grandfather who lived alone in this kinda secluded area. My great grandfather was from Ireland and was super Catholic, and Irish Catholicism is all mystical and superstitious and spooky. Well when we’d get there, my dad and Read more

3:14 PM

I was staying with a friend who owned a house once when I was between apartments and she had a mimicking ghost. My first weekend staying there she was out of town and left a key for me under the mat and instructions on how to take care of her cats (she had a dog, too, but it was with her) so I let myself in and Read more

10:51 PM

I liked the one where this young girl befriended an old woman and would visit her at her home and stuff and one day the old woman’s like “I really need you to visit me tomorrow. please don’t forget, it’s very important” but the girl’s school friend had tickets for them to go to some concert that day, so she blew her Read more

9:11 PM

This is 10000000% the right take. The George W Bush redemption tour is all part of the Republican party’s efforts to lower the collective bar, making us all wistful for, and wishing to return to, a simpler past THAT NEVER EXISTED because it SEEMS better than the present. Forget substantial improvement! The future’s Read more

8:25 AM

“I don’t remember hearing you LIBS complaining when FDR served FOUR terms as president!!!11! Fucking HYPOCRITES11!!!11!! "

10:06 PM

I couldn’t quite put my finger on who your response to my initial post reminded me of, but I just figured it out: Kellyanne Conway. That was some Kellyanne style mental gymnastics. Even though I never said you were”wrong”, I merely stated my opinion, you twisted yourself in knots to be like “I’M NOT WRONG YOU’RE Read more

9:20 PM

Plus, I never “disbarred” him of having a mental disorder, and couldn’t if I tried. My point is, by attributing his actions to a mental disorder, YOU ARE ABSOLVING HIM. It also leaves us unprepared for the next trump because we think he’s an anomaly and not the direct result of American culture. He knows what he’s Read more