Unless you're me
Jan 30

She straight up looks like a member of the Dora Milaje (the all-female members of the Wakandan Special Forces, for the non-comicheads...). Elegant, composed, observant, but ready to wreck shit if things go sideways in the House chambers. Kill it, Queen! 

Jan 10

I own a very VERY old t-shirt from my college years with the Golden Girls faces that says “Stay Golden”. Read more

Dec 16

It’s not a thing that happens often but there aren’t any rules to prevent it.

Dec 12

Where are all those delicate flowers who considered a play on words with Barron’s name to be over the line? Surely they’d take offense at an adult* man mentioning a teenage girl’s name in a negative context. Read more

Dec 11

They fundamentally do agree though; it’s called class solidarity. This shouldn’t be surprising to people anymore.

Dec 4

Sure.  And they need to continue to do so.  Their egos just got away with them, because let’s face it, billionaires are surrounded by sycophants or employees or both, and they thought they should be president.  They shouldn’t.

Oct 9

I believe that the Bush rehabilitation tour is only teaching the Republican party that all they have to do is install someone worse than the last guy. I’ve heard people who call themselves liberal who say with a straight face that they miss that chucklefuck, and when called out, say “well, he’s better than Trump!” Read more

Aug 12 2019

I can’t even read the Onion anymore because it is basically the same as the news.

Aug 11 2019

That, any many of them are actually in these groups.

Aug 11 2019

Especially when you consider that the function of institutional racism has always been to maintain the upwards distribution of wealth and power for the people who are already rich and powerful.

Aug 11 2019

It’s easy to understand why the FBI is more worried about so called “black-identity extremism” than they are about white supremacist terrorism: because white supremacist terrorism maintains and reinforces the status quo.

Aug 9 2019

I was a Marine on 9/11. We all knew shit was going to go down, and we trained like crazy with the certain knowledge that combat was imminent. January of 2002 rolled around and I deployed with the 22nd MEU. We made max speed toward the Persian gulf and the Arabian Sea. Then I spent the next 6 months in a 150 square Read more

Jul 20 2019

When my younger brother started to get interested in astronomy at around the age of six or seven, he once asked at the dinner table when the world was going to end (the sun expanding, maybe a comet crashing into earth, etc). I casually said “Tuesday.” He started crying. It was awesome.