Marshall Ryan Maresca
Wednesday 4:56PM

I think the writing team really struggled with writing the show in a way that was Covid-protocol friendly, and are only now getting the hang of it.

6/11/21 6:28PM

It was extremely confident of getting the Season Two that Season One spent its whole time setting up.

5/27/21 3:52PM

the story has a fascinating hook and got me invested in what was happening, ultimately the story simply ends without any real good resolution. Read more

5/15/21 2:34AM

Part of the challenge in the adaptation is that Order of the Phoenix introduces a lot, including a bunch of new characters, but they don’t really DO much in that book other than exist as the Order, and it’s unclear how critical a role they are going to play in the next books without having a finished Deathly Hollows Read more

5/15/21 1:21AM

I wonder how much of that ties to the difference in how the British and Americans treat acting as a job.  Like, it was easier for them to be relatively well-adjusted humans because the British film industry doesn’t have the same factors that steer child actors into oncoming trains.

5/15/21 1:04AM

The biggest problem with the Fantastic Beasts movies is it doesn’t know who the protagonist is. The movie believes Newt’s the protagonist, and all the filmic language throughout signals him as the protagonist. Problem is, he’s not. He’s the Mysterious Stranger. Read more

5/14/21 8:42PM

Silver Chair is probably the strongest in terms of Having An Actual Plot.  Eustace and Jill arrive in Narnia and are told, “Hey, the Caspian’s son has been kidnapped, go rescue him” and that’s what they do.  The rest of the books are more “children arrive in Narnia and some fantastic stuff happens” but it more just Read more

5/14/21 8:33PM

The third movie is, at best, *ok*. Part of the challenge is the book is largely a bunch of threaded vignettes, where they go from island to island and have mini-adventures, but there isn’t a real PLOT. So the movie tries to craft a Save Narnia plot out of nothing and it isn’t really much to it besides that.

5/14/21 8:30PM

I did read them all, but I remember as a kid I found Prince Caspian and Horse & His Boy a real chore to get through. Later, re-reading as an adult, I realized that at least part of the “problem” with Caspian is a good half of the book is backstory. Like, the Pevensies get to Narnia, and they meet Caspian and his Read more

5/13/21 4:44PM

He’s not wrong about “latching onto the wrong part” of the character. I honestly think the “I can be invisible” bit in Infinity War is the worst minute in the movie, because the movie thinks it’s much funnier than it is, makes the momentum of the movie stop dead, and it also just makes Drax look dumb. Like, the charact Read more

5/12/21 2:25PM

So the whole time I never quite got what the argument against stopping the other forces from coming to existence actually was? Like, Iris & Cisco were both, “Well, this is the wrong choice” without any articulation of why it was a wrong choice? Read more

5/10/21 11:10PM

I think the other thing was seasons 1-4 all had young people who fundamentally had reasons to live in/move to the city they were going to, and thus were following those ambitions.  After that they kind of steered toward people with... less ambitions?  And then gave them a collective job or task to force more Read more

5/04/21 3:36PM

But how much of even that is overblown? Wakanda is mentioned, “Oh, that’s setting up Black Panther.” Thor’s initial vision, “Oh, that’s about Thor Ragnarok.” Steve and Tony argue, “Setting up Civil War.” There is explicit stuff with the Infinity Stones, but as the Mind Stone is pretty central to the whole plot, it’s Read more

5/03/21 9:22PM

Right?  More often the “this movie is just set-up for another” is more, “Oh, this throwaway line is a reference I recognize to the thing that’s been announced.”  

4/23/21 3:20PM

Also, now that it’s certain Sharon is The Power Broker in retrospect it was too obvious and too easy a guess. The only reason people like me didn’t believe it is because we didn’t want to. Not because the story hid it even remotely well or generated any suspense about it. Read more

4/17/21 1:40AM

I feel like you ought to be wrong, but, damn it, you might be right. I searched through some stuff that is called YA Space Opera, but a glance over them, there’s a lot of “after humanity has been crushed” or “Dirk is a soldier in the future wars” stuff. Hmm. Read more

4/16/21 3:17PM

I mean, the Julia Louis-Dreyfuss scene should probably be taught in acting schools as a key example of what “stealing a scene” looks like. She just strutted in there and took it.

4/16/21 2:48PM

Here’s my main thought about Avatar and its lack of cultural impact. Fundamentally, it’s a movie that is the inverse of a cult classic. Most of those “cult classics” are movies that bombed/underperformed in the theatres, but then had a robust life in the home market. But Avatar is a movie that its biggest strength is Read more

4/15/21 2:09PM

Is it a dearth, or do those people not know where to look?  I’ve noticed that a lot of time when people are all “There’s no books with [THING] out there” over half the time I can name a bunch of books that have that, and I’m not especially well read.