Marshall Ryan Maresca
5/14/21 8:22AM

I read my son The Lion the With and the Wardrobe, which he loved, but we got halfway through Prince Caspian and he got sick of keeping track of the ancillary characters while the characters from the first book sat around listening to a story. 

4/16/21 5:26PM

I was thinking about why it didn't stick around and I think you hit it. Once it left theatres it didn't hold up. Like as a theatrical experience there was nothing like it at the time, but shove in the BluRay and you miss pretty much all of the appeal. The only way for it to stick in the cultural zeitgeist would be Read more

4/15/21 7:43AM

Yup, just because a work inspired someone when they were seven years old, doesn’t mean it will inspire someone else sixty years later in a vastly, drastically different world. Read more

4/14/21 2:58PM

I’d assumed that all the profanity stemmed from a major revival of interest in the complete works of Jacqueline Susann and the novels of Harold Robbins.

4/13/21 9:47PM

I’m seeing a lot of “agenda” complaints about the entire novel shortlist being female-only for the second year in a row. Oddly, however, I don’t recall the same people complaining when the entire novel shortlist was male-only in 2003, 2006, 2008 and 2009 (and that’s just sticking with this century). Read more

4/08/21 6:07PM

This. He’s the new Akiva Goldsman. 99% of anything he does will be absolute shit, but somehow A Beautiful Mind sneaks out.

3/31/21 6:43PM

Although this list often has a lot of sequels and franchise tie-ins that I am not interested in, I am usually impressed by how comprehensive it is.  It is pretty rare that they miss something that I am interested in.

3/31/21 2:21PM

I’ve preordered Charlie Jane’s novel but don’t see a whole lot of other stuff here that interests me. I’m kinda on the fence about the VanderMeer.

3/31/21 1:57PM

I’ve pre-ordered 3 of these I think - The VanDerMeer, Wayfarers, and Murderbot, That doesn’t include Charlie Jane’s, which I will probably end up reading. I’m starting to get an excessive backlog on my kindle and I’ve just started working my way through the Nebula nominees with the Hugo nominees due out in a couple of Read more

3/24/21 11:04AM

We had to read this in school. I thought it was well known. It's pretty old but I guess Bricken is too young to have heard of it.

2/24/21 6:20PM

I missed the Superman III reference and am now very curious...

2/19/21 4:37PM

My assumption is that since Tony Stark is a HUGE egotist he probably wrote multiple autobiographies during the 5 years of the snap. Also during Far From Home, it looks like several movies have been made about Stark, Wakanda, and other Avengers business. I want to see them do a show in the style of World War Z (the Read more

2/19/21 4:19PM

I approve of the idea that Darcy’s primary source is like Thor drunk dialing her.

2/11/21 2:01PM

I mean, the Kelvin films have Spock design it to test....fear? I mean, it’s a sim, who the hell is going to be afraid? Gauging how a potential candidate handles a no-win situation seems way more useful, but whatever.

2/11/21 12:30PM

Yeah, Scotty’s was always my favorite from the book. He also “cheated”...  after a fashion, but in his own very, VERY Scotty way...

2/11/21 12:10PM

hah! I was literally just complaining to someone else on here how I greatly prefer that over what we got in the Kelvin films. Just damn clever and shows exactly the kind of person Kirk thinks he’ll be some day.