9/11/19 3:36PM

No. This is not an expression of patriotism in any useful sense. The things that America was meant to stand for—tolerance, liberty, enlightenment—are things that Rudy and his cronies have consistently, abundantly and relentlessly shat upon. The half-man he bends over for on a weekly basis is likely a Russian asset.

Rudy Read more

9/09/19 2:25PM

I would say there is a roughly %1000 percent chance Christie is just making shit up. Who the fuck just walks up to a washed-up pol, spouts a weird one-liner about health care, and then sashays away?

9/06/19 4:45PM

It was destroyed in a hostile takeover by The Wiz. Which, as you may know, nobody beats.

8/23/19 3:51PM

How is it that you can take the time to cite all those sources, and yet not actually read my whole comment?

Alcohol kills many Americans every year. I wonder, then, why no one has ever suggested Prohibiting it?

8/23/19 3:49PM

Can I please be ungreyed now, after lurking for a decade? I promise to vex your new corporate overlords regularly.

8/23/19 2:31PM

I would! A D rating is not, for example, an A rating. Witness, for example, extremely pro gun upstate legislator Kirsten Gillebrand. Within two years i the Senate, she had done a literal 180 to be super duper anti gun, preparing herself for what turns out to have been a rather ill-advised presidential run.

Yes, I am Read more

8/23/19 10:23AM

“...abortion, or religion, or police violence, or guns in general, or Iran, or climate change, or state rights, or socialism...”

I would say that on many of these issues, Democrats are pretty inflexible as well. If you tried to run for president as a pro-life, pro-gun, climate change denier on the D line, you would get Read more

8/21/19 2:41PM

Anyone else see “Los Angeles Treme”? I mean, I guess it’s no weirder than Utah Jazz?

8/16/19 12:37PM

Question for you smarties: what happens when a cop tries to pull over a driverless truck?

8/15/19 10:20AM

Um... what? You know nothing of this industry. The reason the number is so low is because almost everything is free on the internet.

Also, you slam people for being shocked at how low the number is, imputing motives with literally zero proof, and then go on to profess shock at how low the number is.


8/14/19 3:26PM

Why don’t you just follow whoever’s up at halftime of the Super Bowl? I hear being a Falcons fan can be really nice....

8/13/19 12:35PM

It is one of the worst things you can call a human of any race. I know a senior VP at Chase who was fired for it—she paints caricatures of tourists on Venice Beach for five bucks a pop last I heard.

In olden Celtic times, you could actually kill someone by calling them Fredo. It’s no joke.

8/09/19 1:29PM

I just worry about the times they can’t tell? I mean, there should be so me random vial of liquid they can use to test for blackness. Once that’s confirmed, it really opens up a lot of options for cops they might not have otherwise had.

8/08/19 2:58PM

“...commandeered one to have their client jump over it or some crossfit bullshit”

Fuck me with a kettlebell: YES! Why oh why are they allowed to get away with this? The bench is for the bench press (it’s all right there in the name!), which I can only do there. You can do your stupefyingly useless little hops onto many Read more

8/08/19 1:40PM

...and even the most dedicated of fans may not take up that mantel.”

Um, pretty sure you mean “mantle,” as in “cloak,” unless you are referring to the decorative shelf that sits above the fireplace in which the dreams of Saints fans go to die?

8/07/19 2:58PM

Pretty sure he was talking about Green Bay?

(I hope I just gave you a nice memorable mental image...)