Oh yes let’s escalate a few degenerates fighting each other and doing property damage into a no holds barred shootout, since you’re such a responsible family man who thinks that’s better than staying inside and letting it pass until the cops arrive. Let’s shoot a few of them so their buddies who managed to get away rem Read more

What are you smoking? $110k for a car that has, in your own words, “1,020 horsepower, 1.9 second 0-60 mph time, a drag strip mode, record setting Nurburgring lap time.” And you say it’s a big ask to pay $15k for carbon ceramic brakes plus a set of track tires, and that they should be on the car from the get go? Ask Read more

Hyundai Veloster with its asymmetrical doors. Read more

This is why it’s important for journalists to be self conscious about possible biases. If they find themselves only reporting on EV fires and not ICE fires, they owe it to their audience to include statistics of each to clear up any misconceptions that EV fires may be more frequent than ICE fires due to their Read more

You’re saying that like ICE cars don’t get shit mpg when you drive them at their limits. And no, I’ve tried driving my M3LR like a madman and still get 200+ miles easily. Sales figures have been contradicting hyperboles like yours for a long time now. Read more

It’s funny you bring that up. Most people here see Tesla like how Android and PC enthusiasts saw Apple. At the end of the day, user experience wins every time. There’s so much value in having the convenience of its UI integration along with automatic charging route planning. That real leather or real wood is Read more

When Uber was spending huge amounts of venture capital money to gain market share, they absolutely wanted drivers to spend full-time hours on their platform. They claimed their platform was never meant for it, while on the other hand used bonuses to bait drivers to complete so many rides a week it would require them Read more

This is all thanks to these gig companies throwing together a big pot of money to spread propaganda to pass Prop 22, and many voters who were swayed to vote for it now regret it. No one should be surprised at this point that legislation can be bought. Read more

The only reason they said they never planned for it to be for full-time drivers is because of the misclassification lawsuits they were fighting. However, from pretty early on they’ve used bonuses to bait drivers to work more and stay longer on their platform. To qualify for the highest weekly bonuses, you would have Read more

More importantly, they might just be realizing that we’re hitting another plateau in GPU performance, as is the case a couple years after new console releases. Graphical development in games will center around the currently available consoles, and most people are just going to stick with their GPUs for a while. The Read more

Mercedes AMG must have been making these for years now, judging from all the AMGs I find parked at EV charging spots. Looks like they even got wireless charging all figured out.  Read more

Sure it has nothing to do with Gran Turismo and its “Vision GT” design movement. It’s only their parent company that’s in the game and they just happen to be using the Vision GT name.  Read more

Could be insurance buying the other one after some freak accident on the dealer lot. Legend has it that someone resembling the dealership’s owner was seen fleeing the scene that night. Everything in this story is true, except for the parts that aren’t.  Read more

If not the V90 then the S90 is just as cushy and capable. I was eyeing one of those before the used prices shot up mid-2021, which pushed me to a new Model 3 instead, also an amazing car when you literally don’t want to do the driving. The Vision only Autopilot system has improved so much during the year I’ve had it Read more

It’s a good thing that this is also targeting a small subset of wealthy owners who help perpetuate the flipper market. If the flipper doesn’t disclose the non-transferrable warranty, then the owner can go after the flipper for misrepresentation. However, if they still go through with buying without warranty knowing Read more

I’d just want to build a car collection with cars that come with very interesting stories and I can share with others. The collection would be open to the public with a large array of EV chargers in the parking lot, so future generations of motorists can come visit when they charge their cars. These cars would also be Read more

The premise of the case itself implies negligence on the part of the arresting deputy, which is evidence that there is wrongdoing. Once the suspect is arrested and put into the back of the cruiser, the wellbeing of the suspect is the responsibility of the arresting officer until the suspect is booked and handed over Read more

Making assumptions about other people’s relationships and then calling them an asshole based on your own ideals makes you the asshole. Not everyone needs constant validation from their friends, before or after a stupid decision. You go to Twitter or Instagram for those “friends”. Read more

Maybe 2024 buyers will luck out if GM can find a pathway to direct sales by then. Fuck the dealers.  Read more

It’s not that Depp is being heralded as a saint. It’s the fact that women like yourself forgot what feminism is really about: equal rights of the sexes. The moment you spoke of the MeToo moment, you tried to portray it as something that can only be used for female victims. MeToo is a gender neutral movement that is Read more