31 When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: Read more

Yup. People don’t realize just how much of their information gets cross sync’d between devices. It’s easy for all the people on here to say she should have known better when odds are their information is all over the place. Read more

Why did I even watch that. #somanybadtakes My favorite is “any team that’s been around since the 1900s has a lot of fans.” Read more

If you’ve ever looked a map of the Arctic and thought, “There’s probably nothing up there but polar bears and ice,” you’d be wrong! At one point in time, there were Nazis up there. But not anymore, thankfully. Read more

There is nothing mysterious about it. Set up your email on a computer with any of the mail programs on defaul settings it starts syncing everything on the server not just the unread messages. Read more

I believe so much in “America” that I cry foul when you don’t stand for our national anthem, yet I will threaten to overthrow the government if the election doesn’t go my way. Read more

I must say I’m starting to have some doubts about this Trump gentleman. I initially quite liked his idea to make America great again; I was lucky enough to visit the country recently and I rated it only “very good” rather than “great” (I knocked a mark off because the hotel kept forgetting to change our towels and Read more

I just couldn’t get over that the only coherent thought he had was an actually great compliment for Hillary. Read more

The same person who plagiarized Michelle Obama for Melania also bought her that shirt. Read more

Taking her children to Syria, or to refugee camps in Iraq or Lebannon- is not enhancing their worldview. At best, it’s pulling the focus onto her family instead of on the refugees and the conflict in a form of “tragedy tourism,” and at worst, it’s taking her kids into an active war zone for no good reason. She’d Read more

For short titles, I think this one is my favorite (despite my meh feelings about the show itself).

True, but there is more to the school experience than completing your work. Children need to learn how to get along with children who are not their siblings and adults who are not their parents or employees. They need stability and routine. They need to develop a sense of self separate from their family and to be Read more

This take is scorching hot. My eyebrows singed off from reading it.  Read more

Um, not like Syria is going through a war or anything... Read more

lol right? Of all the things you can be upset at Brad about, I don’t think that this is one of them. Read more

You’re trolling right? You’re not seriously describing sending children to a warzone to “enhancing their worldview?” Read more

No, it’s more like don’t take my children into an active war zone. Read more

Gotta say, if my wife was taking my kids into an active warzone, I’d probably be drinking and arguing too. Read more

Not wanting your kids in a war zone is a legit complaint. Read more