Also, use shorter words. Preferably two syllables or less. Read more

You did answer your own question there. Read more

Another neat little bit of context they leave out: the reason this verse exists in the first place. Read more

WOO HOO! Feels like old times. But better. Read more

I feel ya. I have been the IT worker in situations like that... Read more

This times a million. Does the FBI have even one IT tech on staff? Read more

But you’re mixing up different things. Gmail, like yahoo, is a web client, period. Not an email program. Your “syncing” isn’t really syncing the email, or you’d be able to read it offline. It’s just that gmail users often read their mail on a multitude of devices (ALL of them online) so it “syncs” in the sense that Read more

You’re right, this looks way easier. Read more

I watched a similar video and found myself stumped at step 3 every time. I did, however, work out a minor tweak that made it ten times easier. I just posted it above: Read more

It’s when you get to the third corner that the pain begins. You can’t always get it free without disrupting everything else, and sometimes you can’t even find it. But there is an extremely simple extra bit that makes the whole thing just fall into place, and here it is: Read more

Yeah you might want to have a look at its comment history before concluding “sarcastic dig on the idiot in question.” Read more

No. My husband wears them in the dissection lab, because when he’s done with his dissection he can throw his scrubs and his shoes into a washer with a dose of bleach. Read more

Unfortunately that would result in President Mike Pence, which would also be a Very Bad Thing. Read more

I’m in Florida and I’m not surrounded by openly racist crazy people. On the other hand, Trump himself is a native New Yorker. Read more

Wait, what? How do you even shave your legs without soaping up? And even if you’re not shaving, you just gonna leave all that dead skin on your legs? Why would you leave them out, assuming you wash the rest of your body? (God I hope we can assume we are washing the rest of our bodies.) Read more

I was a way-early premie. I am told I resembled a squirrel. Thanks mom. Read more

Lots of people flip out while doing it, apparently. God, it sounds like a maze with no exit. Read more

That is by far The. Best. Site for any Scientology news, period. And on days when there’s no new news, there’s fascinating history. He’s always got something to present, and it’s always immaculately researched. Read more

Anybody besides me remember that one commenter from yore who would pop up on any article about either Angelina Jolie, or KStew and RPattz? She called Jennifer Aniston “Anuston” and viciously comment-stalked anybody who dared show less than due reverence to Jolie or who did not agree that Robsten was totally a real Read more